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Eso’s Chronicles 225 / 11
False Flag of NATO
© Eso A.B.

If anyone wishes to know what is wrong with our planet, the answer is that the human race which Earth has borne is psychologically sick. It no longer has a government that can hold a community together for a length of time.

There are a many examples of this psychological sickness. Some of its consequences: the nuclear bomb and its ‘harmless’ everyday expression, through nuclear power, which from Fukushima is spreading the radiation disease to all the life forms inhabiting and all the countries surrounding the Pacific ocean.

As far as government ‘protection’ is concerned, it is little more than a repetition of the insulting demand for our forebears to have ‘faith’ in the teachings of the monks from Frankland. Today those same monks have ‘progressed’ to ‘soldiers’ who insist that the ‘doctrine’ of ‘militarism’ be believed as faithfully as the Christian dogma of immortality. The headquarters of their organization, called NATO, remains located at its point of origin, the centre of Benelux countries, namely Brussels, and its leader is a former right wing Danish prime minister .

The country of my origin, Latvia, is a member and fervent supporter of the NATO’s false flag. While Latvia is too poor to contribute the suggested 2% of GDP to armament in financial terms, it has agreed to extend the service of its soldiers in Afghanistan, while every other country is hastily withdrawing from this ill begotten war more than a decade old. I will not be surprised if the ill informed Latvian society soon hears the number of casualties among its soldiers sharply increasing.

As explained in many other blogs, I am a believer that the story of Jesus Christ was ghosted by the Franks, when they were forced to depart the Empire of Byzantium. The departure was due to a combination of two forces: 1) the invading Turkish tribes from the East were stronger than the divided community, and 2) the community was divided as a result of the murder by Isha, the executive king of Byzantium, of Khan, the sacred king.

Both Mongols and Jurchens used the title Khan [or Cha-gan] for the leaders of a political entity, whether "emperor" or "chief". A particularly powerful chief was called beile ("prince, nobleman"), corresponding with the Mongolian beki and Turkish beg or bey.” [Undoubtedly, the Latvian word ‘bahlelyn’ is a derivative of ’bey’. It is not inconceiveable that the word ‘beggar’ derives from when some Ottoman prince was forced to crawl before a Christian king if he wished to save his neck.]

The word Jesus-Iesu may derive from Yishiha , who was a famous and powerful prince-eunuch.

These two individuals, beg and ishi, formed what is one of the oldest systems of government—a Diarchy The system still finds uses in our own day; see link under Canada and Northern Ireland.

It is my argument that governance of communities was seriously disturbed when one of the Diarchs, most likely Ishi was killed by Khan. The shock experienced by the governed is revealed by the fact that Khan or Cha-gan, the killer, exchanged his title for that of Ishi or Iesu. It is not that Khan was inherently a different kind of human being, but by killing Ishi, he killed the sacrificial king, the eunuch-prince, thus guaranteeing that the rulers ruled in the name of equality for all of the community.

The psychological necessity of equality, when denied, is the cause that moves humankind toward self-destruction. Without a check on him by Ishi, the Khan, King, or Yan no longer functions, and is given to ‘liberalism’ and ‘democracy’, which when institutionalized, become guarantors of chaotic governance and the elevation of capitalism to be the governing economic system. The ‘Industrial Age’ is a capitalist invention and the reason planet Earth is experiencing an environmental catastrophe and collapse of society.

A thousand years or more have passed since the death and removal of Ishi-Iesu. In these thousand years, the Khans have managed to instill in humankind an absolute fear of death, which turns death into an evil. The Khans did this by teaching humans that Ishi rose from the dead and they were born to be immortal. Only in our time do we see a reintroduction by way of quantum mechanics, the existence of parallel universes, that human beings to believe that at after their death they do not go to either hell or heaven, but cross over to what Latvians used to call: ‘The Other Sun’ (viņu Sauli).

The effort to return to a Diarchal system of government is necessarily difficult and bloody. The only politicians who have attempted it are today known as ‘communists’ (meaning: absolute egalitarians). As a result of their bloody takeovers of government, communists are almost universally condemned and belittled. Still, I would suggest that the reason for holding communism in contempt is because ‘communist’ leaders such as Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, and Pol Pot failed to end their carriers with self-sacrificial death.

The failure of the Liberal system of government (the death of death) continues to manifest itself in innumerable ‘false flags’, generally manifest as catastrophic events which are created because of the disparity of wealth between the ruling parties and their supporters (a minority of 0.1%) vs the general public (the majority). Often these false flags are discovered for what they are only years later. The slaughter in the Katyn Wood , in which thousands of Polish officers and other high officials were shot by the Stalin regime, has not been openly acknowledged by the Russian government to this day. Likewise, the American government refuses to have an investigation of ‘the 9/11 incident’ in New York City.

While the False Flag, known as The New Testament, was likely written by the Franks after they had moved from the vicinity of Byzantium to that of Brussels, this flag, too, has never been acknowledged, yet continues to threaten and kill people to this day. The latest instances are the aggressive moves by NATO in the Middle East, emphatically supported  by the French (formerly Franks), the British, and Germans—all descendants of the Goths (perhaps Vikings before the renaming) who removed themselves from Byzantium.


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