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Eso’s Chronicles 222 / 8
Fascist Autarkies (8)
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In the preceding blog, I asked by way of a quote if a flood of words can “…cleanse the sordid and polluted Earth...”?

Up until the ‘true democratic’ government unleashed the NSA to abolish privacy and intimidate uncensored thought on the internet, there were people who believed this was possible even if the ‘populist’ contributions from the ‘underground’ (a la Gogol’s “Dead Souls” ) were almost intolerably vulgar. Yet, the internet can be controlled to the ends of making a point if the platforms are willing to control excessive vulgarity. As everyone ought to know, vulgarity may be used to inhibit the evolution of a thread of thought and destroy creative communications.

It was Marx who coined the phrase about “brave words” used by the petty bourgeois “about freedom in general”. This was said by Marx in the context of “private property [being] already done away with for nine-tenths of the population.” And while America has been a haven for the “private propertied”, in our day this exception has been turned against the bourgeois by the 0.01% of billionaires and millionaires (see: ­). Nevertheless, in so far as words suggest potential action, “a waterless flood” may well be necessary to initiate action that may lead to cleansing.

To return to the subject of geopolitics, however, which is where opponents of federalisms and centralization of power may still have a role to play. Though verbally adept populists are turned to ‘sheeple’ by the intrusive vulgarity of dumbed down supporters of ‘individualism’ such as Madonna offering herself for a ‘naked lunch’ or Pussy Riot twittering crotches for the delectation of saints, perhaps there yet remain a crumb for the day of wrath.

The ‘democratic’ leaders of our era, dependent on the donations of the wealthy and  no longer needing the citizen who has no job or money on a planet exhausted of ‘free’ natural resources, believe that the solution to the problem of being human in a world dominated by power and violence is still to be sought in the continued corruption of the ideas of Rousseau  (18th century) and the French Revolution  brought to its knees by liberal Capitalism  in combination with the best of all political systems, i.e., ‘democracy’ and individual rights in control of community interests. According to the best (?) academic and political minds, Enlightenment won a significant victory when during WW2 the opponents of Hitler’s Reich beat the Nazis into submission.

This may be so if the critics of fascism are right that a community’s interest in ‘progress’ without end forces it to find an enemy either within, without, or both. Finding an enemy justifies the presumption that ‘progress’ is a phenomenon without end or bounds experienced by all liberal societies. This was true when Nazi Germany, emerging from an economic abyss due to the imposition of war reparations, discovered the enemy in Jews, who were then mercilessly slaughtered because of the inability of the Nazi’s to find a rationale that for all of their trouble they were unable to end the social and economic crisis as an egalitarian society, but like all ‘good’ capitalist countries had recreated themselves in the image of a pyramid of wealth. When the enemy within the Nazi state no longer was enough of an excuse, it was found without in other states. Having lived the last months of WW2 in Weimar, not all that far from Buchenwald, I am aware of what a concentration camp does to those it blames for causing the ills of the national community.

Nevertheless, I have always been conflicted about the rights of a community and the trumping of these rights by vandals on behalf of liberal capitalism, individual rights defenders and crusaders such as Pussy Riot. With regard to the urbanites, who on the whole favor liberalism over traditionalism of the countryside, I belong among those, who in time of troubes wish to become absolutes rulers with powers to eliminate the evident centre of the infection—the city. In my opinion, the city excels as nature’s dictator ever since we’ve known that the marketplace of the city has its origins in the court of the castle of the first capitalist and is a whyfore why the people of the city, have tended to identify with its king or president.

What I find peculiar about the attitudes of urbanites is that contrary to fact, they presume to have the right to prior attention over rural people and nature.

This leads me to the question if a fascist state, one that (presumably necessarily) cannot escape seeking an enemy to survive is inevitable? To which my answer is a NO, the only reason for a YES being that it is ‘democratic’ rule that is predetermined to discover ‘endless progress’ to be among its political genes. Interestingly, ever since the rise of the Age of Enlightenment, the same ‘democracy’ has driven most European countries to fulfill themselves in a violent state.

Was then ever in Europe or anywhere else in the world a non-violent fascist state? The numerous nation communities in which Europe excels would lead one to conclude that indeed—at one time or another—this was so.

Yet here we have a completely non-democratic and mindlessly presumptions leadership of a presumed European Union telling all the nation states that are at Europe’s foundation that they must be working toward the elimination of their sovereignty for the sake of a centralized ‘federalized’ Empire that is to play second fiddle as a ‘regional’ power to an obviously failed and violent American Empire (or its offshoots in Russia and China).

I have presented the alternative ‘fascist’ state before; pointing out that such a state is the ‘autarky’ . Of course, this alternative state is simply invoked as a dictatorship, with no consideration given to the fact that it is a static state rather than one with an inbuilt mechanism toward violence, dominance, and progress of a ‘democratic’ state.

An autarky solved the problem of violence by turning it inward rather than extroverting it as our crusading democracies do it. Everyone, who has ever studied anthropology or read the founding myths of ancient communities and cultures, knows that an autarkic community was ruled by a ‘sacrificial king’, the kings function being not only that of a ruler, but of a ‘sacrificial goat’, who dies for the sins that were expended on the community in order to maintain it viable, enduring, and peaceful.

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