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Eso’s  Chronicles 168
Forbidden Death (11/2)
© Eso A.B.

The Superego!—at first a harmless product of the human brain to enable one to connect with more people than in one’s family and create a community that includes one’s neighbor.

Probably the first creation of the superego was language. It must have happened a long time ago, because it is difficult not to imagine that it has something to do with mating calls . Without mating or love-making we would not be here. Also, though incest is not as uncommon as idealization would like us to believe, familiarity within a family circle does not encourage sexual relations with other family members. No doubt, the evolution of complex language had contributing sources to development other than sexuality.

If language was first constructed by our superego (or perhaps the superego is sourced in language), it did not come by way of chimpanzees (they do not make humanlike sounds), but by way of Campbell’s monkeys who carried a speech making gene (FOXP2), which when exposed to changes in amino acid composition contributes to increased fine-tuning of motor control necessary for articulation, i.e., the unique human capacity to learn and coordinate the muscle movements in lungs, larynx, tongue and lips that are necessary for speech .

In short, the function of the superego at the beginning of the human species was simple and practical. However, by the time of the arrival of our era, it had been seized by governments, which turned the superego into a straight jacket by using it to control what is or is not said in the process of communication. What is or is not said are today called “talking points” . These ‘points’ also affect the people who are part of government. The nature of reality itself is erased by “talking points”, which are controlled from a ‘deep state’ or a shadow government within an intelligence agency.

While humans domiciled in the wood and savannah (today more than 50% live in cities, their superego conflated with the subjective state of mind. This is something that contemporary humanity, having imprisoned itself in the desert of the city, and having surrounded itself with a fence of ‘human rights’, no longer understands. Thus, in our time the ‘ideal’ of the superego is never anything else, but a lie propagated by philosophers, all of who were born after the wood was cut down and humanity transited from a ‘safe’ environment in the wood to living in the desert wrought with exposure to endless dangers on the plain.

This is where the reality at the time of human origins became subject to verbal ideation, which, paradoxically, meant a ‘dumbing down’ of our species. According to some anthropologists, the size of the human brain has been shrinking ever since the Stone Age and the Idiocracy Empire is not done growing.

Why was humanity relatively safe living in the wood, when compared to an environment where the wood is absent or patchy?

There is no easy answer, but it may be tied to a change in the climate of our planet from warm to cold and/or the movement of human beings from a warm climate to a climate where winters brought severe cold and hunger. If the placing of human origin in Africa is correct, then our species originated not only in a warm climate, but one relatively abundant in food. Thus, when humans had to adapt to rapid changes in temperature and frequent spells of hunger, the subjective self and superego went their separate ways. The superego sought through language excuses for its earlier more benign view of life. It found it in dreaming of ‘better times’ in ‘a golden past’ and immortality in a present so obsessed with itself that death almost never comes up as a subject.

The ‘golden past’ and ‘deathless present’ may have been golden and deathless in, both, a figurative and literal sense.

The figurative (or proto-literal) past is associated with lack of want, which, may coincide with the period during which humans lost their animal fur. While some scientists argue that human nakedness is the result of our origin in water , as a consequence of which our original hair cover may have become insufficient to keep us warm when the water retreated, and keeping warm became a problem. It was then that warmth was restored by our forebears learning to cover themselves with the fur of other animals. We may see evidence of this in stories of natives covering themselves with the skins of lions and other furred animals. In other words, the once upon a time proto-literal reality became symbolic, figurative, an unremembered memory, and a story of when humans sacrificed their children to placate death, their superego.

When it comes to a literal sense of reality, a golden past rings true for times when gold was a valuable in the sense of being a freely accessible to a wood and savannah dwelling people, and was valued for being a shiny and reflective metal, which could be used to accentuate the sacred. The change from figurative-symbolic to a literal value is illustrated by the Biblical story of The Worship of the Golden Calf replaced by our present ever inflating deathless fiat currency.

The latter has created a situation where the superego is no longer controlled by governments, but by banks .

While the attention by the media to the dramatic change in who determines the future of society is superficial, the potential consequences are only hinted at by the fact that none of the officials of the large banks, including the Federal Reserve of the U.S. have received punishment for their part in the financial and economic catastrophe now blowing across our planet. Das kapitalistische Über-Ich henceforth speaks as only a dictatorship of banks can speak.

If today we are cought up in a coup d'etat de facto and therefore invisible to us, the future holds in store a coup d'etat de jure. We will begin to see the transition when banks begin to dismiss governments.

This is when we may see yet another paradox. The stage will be set not only for a die-off, but also for humanity’s return to the wood.

Some of the opposition to the banks may arise from within some of the governments involved, to which cause these governments will want to solicit the support of what we know as a nation’s citizens. The opposition to deathless fiat currency is not, however, to become real before death is reintroduced as a social reality.

Like it or not, this brings us to the subject of nationalism, fascism, community, blanked out culture, and the failure of governments that propose globalization as the inevitable outcome of present trends. Incidentally, the so-called (as advertised by the globalist controlled media, in the instance of above link, re Cross Talk, Peter Lavelle) ‘far right’ or ‘fascism’ is sourced in the people’s wish to have a ‘safe’ community. To make the wish a reality, the community has to negate the globalist and multi-culturalist accusation of entertaining a false resolution of its organizational difficulties by turning to fascism that culminates in anti-Semitism. This necessity is likely to realize itself only by causing the superego to return to self-sacrificial death as a reality of self-government.


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