Monday, May 20, 2013

Eso’s Chronicles 169
The Misnaming of My Community (I)
© Eso A.B.

Fascism and not democracy is the ‘star’ issue of the 20th and 21st century’s politics. Nevertheless, the U.S. government and its European allies (NATO) in the East are sold on ‘democracy’ as the story that dominates the myth of now and the future. With the name of ‘democracy’ on its lips, government claims the right to attack and destroy my community by forcing on it the rule of banks and extinction by globalized fascism.

As long as Money was ubiquitous or could create the illusion that it was ubiquitous, it could and did sell the populations at large on “human rights”. As one well-known popular academic philosopher* of the West tells it: “….the decisive cut in the relation of domination … occurs with the passage from pre-bourgeois to bourgeois society. In the pre-bourgeois society civil society is not yet liberated from organic ties…. With the advent of bourgeois society this rich and ‘affective’ and ‘organic’ relations between master and his subjects lies in tatters.”

Yes, but…. What lies in ‘tatters’ today is less the ‘organic’ being than Money, which the inorganic or virtual world of the bourgeois rests on. Moreover, Money stood for the superego of the bourgeois striving to bring into organic reality its black-and-white dream of ‘human rights’.

Along with the disappearing worth of Money, we see disappear the post-pre-bourgeois ‘democratic’ civil society, which is replaced by Mr. Bernank’s (see reference at blog 165) black-and-white nightmare. I adapt it from one of my own dreams:

Into the room of the rejected ‘organic’ world intrudes a black shadow and rapes my beloved. I feel ‘murder’ in my heart, but cannot bring myself to become the rapist’s killer. Suddenly, almost miraculously, in the room appears a doctor. I recognize him as my ‘organic’ master, yet rejected superego. He stands next to a transporter bed, and looks at me with a condescending smile on his face. It is as if the doctor-master is saying: ‘You cannot act? Will you perhaps recognize me—if not before—now, and ask for my help?’ I swallow hard, and feel almost completely paralyzed by anxiety; then I point to the black shadow standing in the window and say: ‘Please, do something!’ The doctor goes up to the shadow, grabs it by its shoulders, then drags and puts it on the transporter. He then puts both of his thumbs on the shadow’s jugular veins, presses hard on them , and puts the intruder to sleep.

I then grab the body by its feet and ask the doctor to help me carry it out of the house. The doctor makes no objections, and we take the body of the shadow into my backyard. We put it by the bushes that grow along the fence, then go back into the house and lock the door behind us.

At this moment Mr. Bernank awakens with a feeling of guilt and cold sweat on his brow. He gets out of bed, goes to the kitchen and the refrigerator and takes from the freezer a small stash of marihuana, which he takes to the bathroom and flushes it down the toilet. By finding himself in his kitchen awake, Mr. Bernank realizes that his nightmare was not ‘virtual’ but ‘real’. He takes a deep breath, goes back to the bedroom, and crawls back into his bed, where his wife unwinds from a fetal position and snuggles up to Bernank reassuringly.

In real life, however, the nightmare is not over, but only beginning. The shadow moves on, and while not coming back into my house, it now wants to seize the day.

It is not the people of the West who wish to bring an eclipsed ‘democracy’ to Europe, Euro-Asia, and Asia, but the ‘cradle of liberty’ run out of all sense of responsibility toward life on our planet. The death denying West (with the help of its military forces burning up trillions of dollars in armaments and wars) is imposing ‘democracy’ on behalf of capitalism under the control of the propagators of ‘free markets’, the banks, which care not if ‘democracy’ is bankrupt and an empty shell.

At the heart of most everyone is a demoralized subjectivity become subjected to the superego of ‘Democracy’—the banks. The banks believe that they have inherited the immortality of God, which expresses itself through the triumph of fiat Money. The banks no longer believe in the power of organic life or death, before which the people continue to stand in awe, nevertheless. Money cares not a whit if the ‘organics’ scramble to survive on top of rubbish heaps or live in NYC’s subway tunnels while others pay multi-millions for high-rise apartments .

So, is it any surprise that the community, today identified with fascism and so-called ‘far right’, is raising its head and is being put down by capitalist lackeys such as Slavoy Žižek, who makes his living changing his tune according to multi-cultural standards? ? The anti-imigrant populists of who Mr. Žižek speaks of in the link are for him unmentionable fascists rather than people who think that ‘my room’ remains ‘my room’ and while everyone (if I so choose) may on occasion be my guests, guests are not to take over ‘my room’ as if it were their own even under the name of Žižek. Nor am I friendlier to immigrants if they happen to be the police breaking into my house .

*Slavoy Žižek, “The Universal Exception”, Continuum, p. 84-85.

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