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Eso’s Chronicles 173  
Dominion Theology & Democracy (IV)
© Eso A.B.

When it comes to subjective sympathies, I back gold. When put in the context as an enhancer of the Divine, there is nothing like the color of gold to transmit the right aura and sentiment. There is also such a thing as a Golden rule or proportion. However, when it comes to gold as a substitute for fiat currency, I am not so sure about the ‘precious’ metal. While I am sympathetic to the arguments of the ‘gold bugs’, I am not sure that there will be enough of the right stuff to buy when the time of emergency becomes actual. I am of the opinion that capitalism has exhausted the organic resources of our planet—even if its core were of solid gold not iron.

Remember the time when the power grids shut down in the U.S. Northeast and people were shitting in the hallways of high rise buildings in New York? Though the smell is not the same smell as when corpses rot, it’s right next to it, it is almost as if.

Or imagine that you are downtown San Francisco visiting a friend in a high rise apartment http://kristenbornemann.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/san_fran_view_0.jpg . The building shakes. You look out the window and see the Golden Gate Bridge fall down. Then you fall out of bed, because the city has been struck with the long overdue earthquake. The quake measures 8.3 magnitudes on the Richter scale. Though the building did not fall down, and you only fell out of bed, the building has, nevertheless, taken a twist, and the elevator shaft is out of order. What do you do?

Your wealthy banker friend crawls over to his safe in the wall and takes out two solid gold bricks which he has stashed there. He gives you one to put in your backpack, he takes the other, and you both grope your way through the apartment to the emergency exit and stairwell.

Once you are at the ground level, you realize that you cannot get out of the building, because the waters of the Pacific have flooded San Francisco streets http://www.arturhernadi.com/Go4/2006-10-24_SanFranciscoDowntown.jpg  , the pressure of mud is earily pressing into the building and turning the turnstyle door, and no one has thought of providing rubber boats as part of the emergency kit. So, you climb back to the roof, where, hopefully, a helicopter will pick you up. Meanwhile, though you have a brick of gold on you, you have no sandwiches or water to drink.

I am aware that all chaotic scenarios when described beforehand appear engineered by a nut cake or a conspiracy theorist. Nevertheless, sometimes the ‘impossible’ happens: when you get to the rooftop, you hear the voice of the opera singer Enrico Caruso singO Sole Mio” (My Sun!). The sun is indeed shining.

Coincidentally, Caruso was in San Francisco when the 1906 earthquake struck and most of the city burnt to the ground.

Caruso was more than happy to take the next train out of San Francisco, and though the journey back to New York was long and tedious, he had a chance to see America in all its spaciousness, ‘democratic’ brutishness and exploitativeness http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bison_hunting . Though the killing extravaganza of the buffaloes by white hunters and the gold rush was already over by some fifty years, the American West was still near virgin land, and deforestation still went on with exuberance and denied more cautious folk who warned that if this was but masturbatory foreplay to what praise of unbridled ‘freedom’ and ‘capitalism’ will in due course do America as a whole. The effort to put a stop to ‘democratic’ violence would necessarily include such events as ‘9/11’.

That is, all the gold in the world is unlikely to save ‘democratic’ America from joining the Titanic, ‘communist’ Soviet Union, and ‘fascist’ Germany at the bottom of the Atlantic.

So, why should America find its final resting place among such good company?

Recently on an internet blog site, I read a reader express the fear that we live at a time when religious cults such as Dominion Theologists http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominion_Theology and its suicidal Christian fanatics are not only on the loose in America, but are a major ideological force in the U.S. military services.

Because Dominion Theology presumes to have a mandate in civil affairs (to politically reconstruct society), it represents a no lesser danger to the West as a parallel theology among Muslims presents to Muslim cultures or the SS presented to the Germans, or the Bolsheviks to the Russians. Unfortunately, the American ‘war on terror’, which President Obama apparently wants to end, but has not yet shown that he can either ‘start’ or ‘end’ much of anything, contributes much to the strengthening of DT Cells within the ranks of the empire’s armed forces.

Eventually such violent neo-orthodox ‘theologies’ will go their way, but like the extremists among communists and fascists, probably not before they gain a global stage, shed blood, ‘do their thang’, fail as a consequence of suffering a defeat in war, the perpetrators are brought under control, and the future sends American ‘democracy’ to join the unmentionables in the future.

Because American geopolitical strategy involves globalizing the world for America, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYrkLwLTrIg&feature=player_embedded , the conflict in process will expand and become global in nature. But unlike previous world wars, and what some call “World War III”, this war is actually a “Global War”, and it does not end with the enemy’s military defeat, but a much more devastating consequence: economic exhaustion and the planet looking like a rubbish dump, the cities making the largest of the rubbish piles.

This is where we return to our opening sentence about the value of gold, especially as a preserver of wealth.

While wealth as accident and happenstance cannot be denied as long as liberal capitalism and militarism remains in existence, two hundred years of the rule of the industrial age is proof enough that it has turned the humans inhabiting planet Earth into tattered locusts. The billionaires know this as surely as the world’s 94th richest man, Adolph Merckle knew it.

It was Merkle’s misfortune to second guess what is no longer for guessing. His intellectual stumble (beyond anyone’s ability to anticipate) and the shame and financial losses it brought him, caused him to put an end to his life.

Merkle had done everything ‘right’—under the pre-collapse capitalist system. He had anticipated a crash of an overpriced automobile stock of which he held many shares, and had sold the shares ‘short’, which is, he would make money even if the stock fell and the company went bankrupt. But he had failed to anticipate that in spite of falling automobile sales worldwide, a failing company could be of interest to another auto company. When the ‘other’ player appeared as if ‘out of the blue’ and showed his cards, the overpriced stock took an astronomical leap upward and Mr. Adolph Merckle had to cover his shorts at an astronomical loss.  Adolf Merckle, committed suicide:  http://www.reuters.com/article/2009/01/06/us-merckle-newsmaker-sb-idUSTRE5055O820090106 .

Incidentally, the catastrophe now visiting our planet was begun and continues to be paved by the elites of Europe poking the barrel of a gun in our backs: Eaton students http://www.infowars.com/british-students-asked-if-they-will-shoot-protesters/ Read the question put to the students of Eaton to which they are asked to write an answer.



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