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Eso’s Chronicles 161
 ‘Survivors’ of Government Games (6)
© Eso A.B.

When children become ‘survivors’ whether as dead bodies (via our memories of Waco  or Beslan ) or live adults enduring flashbacks of government originated violence, and when nearly all inhabitants of our planet may identify as children who ‘survived’, cider turns into blood running over the edges of a cider press.

Ours is a time when Eve gives birth with sadistic pleasure as she quickly ties the umbilical cord, then stuffs an apple in the mouths of all her crying ones, exulting in the knowledge that all her Adams came wearing a military uniform, and were sent by Commanders in Chief such as Obama, Bush, Blair, Cameron, Hollande (put your favourite name here ….).

A millenium after being chased from our safe democracy, the wood, where we had nature’s goods without cost, and after enduring centuries in the desert of the city, humankind (forced by VIPs to become citizens of VIP-made desert) has become a slurry of blood flavoured with chunky bits of pineapple by government controlled cooks of history, the (privately owned) media and designers (‘look! how creative we are!’).

Though one may appreciate the dilemma of government strung out to the point of disaster (an unintended consequence of institutionalized urban democracy), to this time no ‘survivor’ has declared himself ready to be in sympathy with the ‘disaster’. This is not surprising, because no one really remembers that the catastrophe is the consequence of a series of  deliberate  False Flag events such as ‘the Resurrection’, incinerations beyond counting, ‘9/11’, ‘Boston Marathon’, all ‘inspired’ by self-made mental disasters (murderous daydreams) among the leadership and those compulsively and ‘faithfully’ creative under their command.

What if those who staged the False Flag event at the Boston Marathon had not been ‘cogs’ in a bureaucratic wheel? What if the butchering of the two Chechen youths had not been carried out with the inevitability of a machine skipping a ‘yes, no’ of a digital switch? What if President Obama had done some thinking on his own and not put his seal of approval on the Boston Marathon as the successor event to ‘9/11’?

If a “survivor” of Stalin’s gulags had been informed that Stalin had died by his own hand and left a note saying: “I took my life as a token payback for the pain that I caused with my attempts to serve both the Russian and the world community….”, the “survivor” and his-her descendants would likely have borne their personal burdens as a “chosen people” for many generations. However, such an attitude of hope for recovery is not possible in an era, where governments are proxies of banks.

I may be wrong, and instead of a golden calf, I ought to be speaking of a gold fleeced lamb, an even meeker creature than a calf, and for this reason formerly used as a sacrifice the world over. For this cause, the lamb is a sacrificial symbol also among Christians . Unfortunately no Christian banker or government official has in our time offered to sacrifice his-her career on behalf of a nation or community, Perhaps we ought to seek such a sacrifice to come from the leadership of the Christian community?

Almost unbelievably (God given opportunity), such a sacrifice is available at the highest level of the Catholic Church, in the Pope emeritus, Joseph Ratzinger. As most readers know, the current Pope Francis  came to office as a result of the previous Pope offering an unprecedented resignation (2013). The resignation is the second one in the history of the Catholic Church. The previous resignation was that of Pope Gregory XII , and happened in the year 1415, the year the famous Christian radical and heretic theologian, Jan Hus, was burnt in Constance, Germany. One of Hus’s heresies was to stand for education for children.

Those who read the link to Jan Hus to the end know the meaning of the saying “Holy simplicity”. The sentence's Czech equivalent ("svatá prostota!") is still used to comment upon a stupid-uneducated action. All things considered , Benedict XVI is guilty of the ‘svatá prostata!’ not because of his resignation as Pope, but because one of the reasons for his resignation is the embarrassment to the institutional superego caused by the sexual behaviour of paedophile priests.

Why has sexual violence, including paedophilia, become such a potent issue in our time?

Is it perhaps because sex is no longer an act of nature, but an act out of the realm of the virtual?

If we look into the past, paedophilia (accepted as normal, even expected behaviour for men in ancient Greek society) has drawn increasingly negative reactions since the advent of the industrial age and the emergence of the Feminist Rights Movement, especially in its later stages. The condemnation centres on men, while the touching of children’s genitalia by mother is judged acceptable.

It is interesting to note that paedophilia seems to have drawn heightened condemnation from the societal superego with its increased acceptance of homosexuality. In other words, the campaign against paedophilia may be a compensatory activity by the superego in reaction of homosexual campaign against homophobia. Why such compensation is necessary is a subject for curiosity, but may have something to do with, both, loss of authority by religion, the arrival of an abusive (and overconfidently self-righteous) age of secularism rooted in virtual reality, and the tabu against nakedness. Apparently, such practices are ‘normal’ in a civilization that has turned wood and field into a desert, and has made its home in the camouflaged desert of the city.

It remains to note that long ago, when religion was as much part of society as nature (and biological mindset was ascendant and observing the practice of self-sacrifice, which included life sacrifice), sexuality played a profound role in the life of the community.

A self-sacrificial persona (we call it ‘victima’ today), the sacred king of a given community, would receive sexual gratification as a reward for his self-sacrifice (the sacrificer commonly was a male). There is no record of sexual exploitation of children, because the community likely interpreted such sex a paradox of sacrifice, an act analogous to child sacrifice.

The children of a community often were the offspring of the same father. In days when self-sacrifice was esteemed and in demand, women gave themselves to the sacrificial-king in the belief that the children conceived of such a union would be blessed by the Gods. The tracing of paternity of a woman’s children, was not—as it is popular to assert in our day—traceable to a collective of men (who knows who is father of which child!), but to the sacred king and the orgiastic festivals of Saturnalia and Ludi

Given the post-modern concept that ‘immoral but legal government’ is ‘okay’ and that modern leaders seldom offer themselves in self-sacrifice to the community, the public may wonder whether the ex-Pope (mentioned above), having once stood in the shoes of ‘the vicar of Christ’ , has given theological thought to the notion that the point of Christianity is not to Redeem the sins of government elites, but to lead society by example and denounce governments which repress the children of the ‘ludi’ to the point that they grow up to think of themselves as “survivors” of gross violence. Is it not time to demand that the Pope Emeritus takes on the cause of children and go take baptism in the river of Lethe? A public self-sacrifice by a Christian leader without, for once, resorting to violence will surely bring attention to the fact that humankind has successfully ‘survived’ governments by violence and a new age is at hand.

Basil the Bogomil, aka Jesus, called a child to him, and placed the child among the grownups. He said to his audience: “I tell you truly, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever is like this child is among the great. And whoever welcomes a child in my name welcomes love and refuses violence. (After NIV, Mat. 18)

What must a child of our time have seen to call him- and herself a “survivor” when grown to adulthood? Is not the nation he is born into led by cowards? Are the children of our age not worthy of redemption by Pope Emeritus?

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