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Eso’s Chronicles 155
Joan of Arc, God As Act (4)
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The ideology of words and the results it leads to is rather well illustrated by the following clip (if you have the patience to see it through to the end) . Unfortunately, the subject: “Breaking the Spell - Religion as a Natural Phenomenon” is not persuasive, if only for the reason that the professor does not appear to have ever stepped very far beyond the faculty room.  As the title of the lecture advises us, the professor’s aim is to break the spell over whomever religion has enveloped in its fog and who ever thought or believed that religion is a natural phenomenon. A few minutes into the lecture, he already intimates the hope (expressed in terms of ‘likelihood’) that science will soon dispel any such notion.

Interestingly, ‘scientism’ (if not science) originated with the rigorous (and cruel) interpretation of ecclesiastical law. Joan was burnt by the Burgundians because she wore male clothes, and strict and dogmatic interpretation of ‘the science of law’ had to be applied to make prevail the ends of materialism. The object-law in the Petri dish on the table for dissection was Deuteronomy 22:25: “A woman must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear women's clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this.” A legion of scholastics put their noses to the dish and pronounced that the smell was a natural phenomenon, it smelled of the roast-of-Joan.

If it were only as simple as the professor and the faculty room environment believes. I do not dispute that such a belief is their desert. After all, the thesis of my blogs is that the present-day collapse of ‘virtually everything’ is a triumph of their making. One of the faculty room (Francis Fukuyama), recently went so far as to suggest that among the victories of capitalism was the capture of the future, and that the blood clotted False Flag was hence to flutter the words: “The End of History”.

For a while it may have seemed so. More than one academic, with no better idea about religion than getting his-her hair wet by having a priest’s hen lay a water filled word on it, suggested that religions would soon meld into each other. Nevertheless, there were a few exceptions, who understood that the word was preceded by an act: . As the foregoing remarks by Noam Chomsky’s make clear, not even a linguist can dismiss the fact that the Act is as positive matter to the anti-matter of the Word.

Today hardly anyone has heard that religion originated as a consequence to the creation of communities, and that the reason why religion continues to this day is because while violence may create empires, which are awesome and persuasive models of ‘the deserts of the real’, they do not create viable communities. In ‘the dessert of the real’ all that is is made of words and derives from words seizing violence. Youngsters today imagine war as entertainment; while the video screens portray the community as populist ‘excrement’ of Earth.

As most of us know, Joan of Arc, once she had initiated a turn for the better for the kingdom of France, was soon betrayed by the same Catholic authorities that used her to save themselves and the kingdom they had trashed. While such accusations were to be expected from the Angles and Burgundians, the same arguments were soon (if not earlier) used by the University of Paris. What especially bothers the elites and the academic ecclesia is that Joan is venerated by the public as a saint even before she has been burnt, and that the public is not much bothered by her male clothes, because it knows that without them, the Maid will be raped.
It is difficult, even impossible, to persuade a successful (well to do) neo-liberal community that its members under stressful economic conditions are sure to behave aggressively toward other communities. Indeed, it is the well off neo-liberal community that believes that it is created by God and that God created it to be peace loving. The police are there only to restrain those who suffer from some pathology—like boredom that needs to be overcome by alcohol, indecent exposure, wife swapping, or not paying back money borrowed to pay a bill.
How does one become a ‘successful’ neo-liberal community? By not having to suffer from no want. And how does one avoid suffering from want? By becoming a leader of the community and demanding to be paid well.
And how does one do that?
By threat, power, and violence.
How does one do that?
By cutting down the forest, creating a desert, leaving no place for one to hide, leaving no fish in the sea, creating a police, and leaving others helpless.
It is not that human beings did not try other solutions. After all, the inability of people to get along is legendary. There is an anecdote (I do not remember where I read it) of a meeting of two separate groups of gorillas or chimpanzees. The groups came together without violence, but the males eyed each other apprehensively. There was tension in the air. As humans would say, there was no one around to crack a joke. Instead of a joke two females, one from each group came out into the space that still separated the two groups. As everyone watched, the two began to play with each other, that is, they felt each other up sexually. The males could not be but disarmed. Everyone relaxed, and the two groups blended into each other, and there was peace among them while they remained in each other’s proximity.
We may take the above scene a step further. Say, a male from each group began to dispute, because one of the females of an elder gave signs of moving to stay with a younger male of the other group. Male pride was wounded, and a fight began. Elders from each side had to intervene and break up the conflict. Nevertheless, neither of the males immediately involved would calm down, and the elders decided to let them fight it out between themselves. Whatever the outcome, even if one was killed, the other would respect the result.
But when one of the opponents was in fact killed, the atmosphere became very tense, and the tension was great enough to suspect that a general conflict might soon break out. This is when one of the elders stepped out of the wood with a mushroom, a green fly agaric , in one of his paws. Everyone knew that the mushroom was deadly.
The elder calmly broke the mushroom in pieces and began to eat it. To save the elder from death by poisoning, both of the ‘lezzy’ females offered to have sex with him. The male did not refuse their offers, but continued to eat the mushroom until he went into convulsions and died.
Then an amazing thing happened: both of the groups of gorillas (or chipanzees) continued together, and thereafter become one community.

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