Wednesday, December 30, 2015

EC 502
Upon Whom the Ends
of the Ages Have Come…
a fantasy for an apocalypse
© Ludis Cuckold (2015)
11 You’ve Pissed All Over Yourself

As soon as Daisy and her mother were together alone, her mother turned on her.

“You slut!” the mother screamed. “Is this why I have children? Is this how you want to remember losing your childhood? For how long has this been going on?”

“It’s the first time,” stammered Daisy.

“Yeah, sure,” replied her mother. “Just like he’s been doing it to Mareka! Except Mareka is half your age and has no idea.”

Daisy did not know how to answer.

“Yopt vai! Look at your crotch! You’ve pissed all over yourself!” continued her mother.

As intimidated as Daisy was, her mother’s attack on her caused her to remember that the previous year, when during a cook out in their yard, her stepfather had taken her younger sister to the outhouse, she had seen him stroke her vagina as if to make her pee. When she had come on the scene and asked what he was doing, Stefan had showed her a medicine bottle, where he said he was collecting urine for medicinal purposes.

Urine for medicinal purposes has been used in Europe (and other places in the world) from ancient times. Various cultures have various reasons for doing so.  It may be a holdover from the days when ludies lived in the wood and were getting medication from their shamans. One of the explanations for the tradition is that the shamans were drinking a potion made of a mushroom known as  amanita mysteria*, which was too strong for the average ludi or, for that matter, the King. This is why the urine of shamans was thought after as holy water, a hallucinogen, a bringer of unusual dreams, and a cure. On the other hand, there is a link on the internet that tells how a pop singer by the name of Madonna claims that when showering, she delights in pissing on her feet. Who has not pissed into the swimming pool? Is that not a placebo of sorts?

*Amanita Muskaria, a scarlet mushroom that attracts flies, aka Fly Agaric, is a mushroom which peasants used to put on their kitchen tables to kill flies—though it is doubtful that it in fact killed them. In the author’s youth, the mushroom was doused with purplish alcohol and sprinkled with sugar. The sugar attracted the flies, while the alcohol poisoned them. This is how the mushrooms gained a reputation for being poisonous. The tradition was likely begun—under penalty of death or a beating if refused—by Christian monks who wished to destroy the reputations of local shamans and cause the ludies of the wood to lose their sense of spiritual independence. More properly, the Amanita Muskaria (aka Housefly Mushroom) ought to be called Amanita Mysteria (mushroom of unusual experiences).

“I am ashamed!” Daisy’s mother continued hysterically. “Who would imagine the Yopt gets off when girls piss on his hands?”

“He did the same thing to Zhenya.”

 “Who told you that?” the mother screamed.

“I saw it,” replied Daisy.

“That does not make you any less the slut—even if he drinks it,” her mother continued.

“But it was Stefan, who…,” protested Daisy.

“You let him…. before my very eyes!”

Daisy was getting angry over her mother’s accusations. She felt being backed into a corner.

 “I thought that you wanted him to do it!’’ Daisy replied. “Why did you not say anything? Why did you leave me?”

That is a question that has not been fully answered to this day. One answer may be that Daisy’s mother was afraid she would be beaten if she behaved or said anything different as Stefan was not above enforcing his authority by using violence as a means. Daisy made it no secret that he hit her. The other answer may hide a repressed longue duree memory of petting as a preliminary to intercourse. If the story of the mitten recalls its early use as a facilitator of sexual contact, that is now forgotten, the joke about the ‘sock’ that prevails in among the military to this day may recall. When a soldier says: “I have not had pussy for ages”, his buddy responds: “You still have socks, haven’t you?” Incidentally, socks or hose evolved of what were once called leggings.

A form of petting called ‘twerking’ has visual as well as physical contact aspects  and has no stigma of guilt attached to it. If there are objections, these are met with some jocular rebuttal such as ‘I thought everyone is doing it’.

Daisy’s mother did not let up and asked: “So, did the yopt say anything more to you?”

“He said he liked me and wants me to come sleep next to him,” replied Daisy.

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