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EC 497
Upon Whom the Ends
of the Ages Have Come…

© Ludis Cuckold (2015)
6 The Age of Horesons

The word ‘whore’ may have come into use only after the consequences of rape become evidenced in the birth of horchins (urchins) or ‘horsons’-–children born of rape.

The horeson problem struck ancient society no less hard than the Middle East and African ‘refugees’ are striking Europe today. The difference is that then the surprise arrived nine months after the fact, whereas today it took whatever time it takes to change the word 'freedom' to 'enslavement'.

Archeologists claim that it is not uncommon to discover under the floors of ancient whore houses the bones of unwanted infants. I suppose the question is: Just how ancient are the bones of these unfortunate children? It is unlikely that in ‘real ancient’ times abortion or infanticide (other than child sacrifice to the Gods) was known or practiced. Yet it is the latter that modern virtual societies express horror over, even as they fail to note its form of sexuality has replaced cannibalism.

As we try to discover the ancient pronunciation for the word ‘rape’, one of the possibilities we may discover is that it may once have been pronounced ‘hoar’, which word may be an offshoot of the exclamation “Hoa!”, which is a word used to this day by those who ride horses, bulls, or reindeer. In Russian the word ‘huy’ or ‘huya’ means ‘fuck’. With the aid of verbal fancy (and the pareidolia it enables), our mind becomes flexible enough to include among imagined possibilities the word ‘hop’. In short, when a Russian says “Nyiche huya!” he is saying the same thing an American says, when he says “No fucking deal”. Such verbal acrobatics enable us to imagine that in the beginning the noun (a thing) may have been a verb or an act, and may have meant ‘he-she who jump’ each other and, thus, are a thing to watch.

An equally good case can be made fir the notion that ‘whore’ is a word that evolved from the word for ‘whole’, which absent the consonant W spells ‘hole’.

While a ‘hoarchin’ (jumpchild) born in a peaceful wood in an autocephalous and homogenous community, may have been seen by the tribe as everyone’s son or daughter, the child subsequent to repeated acts of rape was likely viewed as a bastard child, a child whose sacrifice (for whatever reason) was not a real ‘sacrifice’.  After all, for a sacrifice to matter, it has to be of one’s self or one’s own. It has to hurt. In later times, when rules were relaxed, and a sacrifice could no longer be distinguished from an ordinary act of murder, it began to be called punishment (like a public hanging). It is conceivable that ‘the Age of Law’ began consequent to justifying punishment as an act that replaces sacrifice, or, if you will, a good act replaces a saintly act.

‘Legalized’ words always slice judgment in ways that finds princes innocent. which is to say “them be good mens’’ (in high heels) are not to be questioned. Those who are forced to pay tribute are trapped by forces, which use their might to enslave those so entrapped by their government. By trying to escape them good mens in high heels one gets caught up in a criminal act.

A high European banking official—recently framed and betrayed by jealous competitors and pretenders for the Presidency of hydra headed (once Revolutionary) France—insisted that he had participated in but a couple of ‘sex parties’ in as many months, which to his mind was not a number great enough to qualify him either as a practitioner of pornography or a pimp (the French court dismissed the accusation against him as outlandish) on behalf of fellow bureaucrats. But neither he nor anyone else cared to know how many pregnancies had been suffered by the whores (women who suffer being ‘legally’ raped in return for money) invited to participate in such sex parties.

The sex parties are actually State rituals through which the bureaucratic State, the presumptive Mother of our creation, asserts authority of its male bureaucrats over women, who with the intermediacy of whores, conflate women into ‘things’. Such authority of the bureaucracy preaches its pornographic screed over all men who come under its umbrage. Through participation in the humiliation of women, they lose their role as supporters of family and become slaves-soldiers and pimps for government.

This is how the predecessors of Daisy, the women of balkanized Eastern Europe, were repressed by ‘elites’, the latter who had become such through dint of making a quantum jump from poverty by way of killing wildlife and deforestation. The quantum made it ‘normal’ to imagine one’s self become God ready to bless any woman with a child of His seed. Never mind the God, Who had lived care-free and easy in a place unknown (in some corner of the wood). After packaging God and Himself in a word that stood for both (such as ‘Lord’), and ‘objectifying’ Him by putting his name (though forbidden to name him orally) in a book, and then freezing him onto a chip of a quantum computer for presumed eternity, Lord Twerp became God the Canibal for life.*

*A thing worth noting is that the ‘next step’ in thingification by male dominated bureaucracy was to change the gender of Mother to Father. This is how Sonne became the Sun, Mensa became the Moon, the sacred number 13 became 12, and endearing words which ended with a soft ‘n’, re: ‘-nya’ (akmentiNYA/stone femine gender) came to end with an ‘S’ (akmenS/stone male gender). Incidentally, the harsh resonance of consonant J (as in Jack) is, in many languages, pronounced with a softer Y.

The packaging of God into a computer (where he rests as a named Unnamed) is akin to turning Artificial Intelligence into human like Mind. Deeming such an act the ‘essence of humanity’ is an idea prevalent among academicians of our time. In earlier times similar intuitive quantum jumps were made by poets, one of who, Dante, put the God of our time at the bottom of the pit of Hell. Hell was not perceived by Dante as space consumed by fire, but a universe seized by an eternal spell of cold at, I presume, absolute zero temperature.

At absolute zero, space and time are said to cease to exist, become a ‘black hole’ so to speak and communication occurs in an instant. Nevertheless, Georges Bateille insists that such a phenomenon occurs in the animal mind in preconscious time, at normal temperatures, because a mind dwelling in pre-consciousness  has no perception of either space (undifferentiated continuum) or time.

Talking about sex in Dante’s days was forbidden—because sex was seen as a self-demeaning activity limited to the people of the wood (who demeaned themselves by living in a common space and were for that reason perceived as lechers)—the elites (who did it in a private bed) saw themselves as ‘reason respecting’ individuals. Were Dante still alive, he probably would have imagined the Devil-Satan as raping Daisy and, while doing it, calling her a whore without cease, while angels looking on from high in heaven have endless orgasms and—having touched the beard of God—never cease singing ‘alleluia’ as they breathe white clouds of bliss out of the blue.

It is easy to understand how rape of their women caused the men of the wood to become violent. Violence—perceived by the Vikings as desirable—was endorsed by post-taxation cultures through universalization and legalization of taxation.

The bureaucracy of post-wood civilization has become invisible by having totemized itself, an event that makes our civilization become a fetish through ‘holy’ representation. This -fish is presumed to never die, because it is created by groups of billionaires who need a President for a fetish to cuckold the Commons.

An example of bureaucratic cuckolding is the ‘nullification of the jury’, an act exercised by judges in the U.S., who when instructing the jury, never mention that it has the right by the fact of its mere existence not only to judge the defendant, but to judge the very law judgement is based on.

To return to the Daisy thread of our story.

Even yesterday Daisy’s stepfather called her a whore, which is why he no longer was in the car after I returned from the store, where I had gone to check on the price of a water pump. When I asked Daisy what had happened, she replied that while I was gone, they had had an argument.

When I asked what the argument had been about, she answered that Stefan had called her “a woman worth nothing”, in effect, she would be accomplishing more if she became a whore free of charge.

When I asked what had caused the argument, Daisy explained that her stepfather was in a foul mood because he was losing a court case. He had brought suit against a man who had hit him in the face during a brawl at a local bar, and his lawyer had told him that he would make no headway in court unless he bribed the judge with a gift worth fifty euros.

To hear a more favorable prognostication of the case, Stefan had consulted a fortune teller, who had told him, apparently gratuitously, that his stepdaughter was a slut and at the heart of his problems.

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