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EC 496

Upon Whom the Ends
of the Ages Have Come…
a fantasy for an apocalypse

© Ludis Cuckold (2015)
5 The Joys of Gang Bangs

If the late Marija Gimbutas, a Lithuanian archeologist at UCLA once, is right that the Balts used to live in the Dnieper River basin area, which river flows into the Black Sea, we can deduce that they were among the first to experience the consequences of externally wrought violence of the New World Order (NWO) and the fur tribute, the precursor to our tax system.

The fur tribute destroyed the environment (the wood and river shore) which the Balts had enjoyed. It also forced them to flee their home lands. Their political system, known as autocephalic (self-headed) rule—natural to life in the wood—had no political leadership as it is known today. Indeed, the time the Balts lived in the Dniepr region likely was for long enough to become ingrained in the genes responsible for human behavior. The genetic ‘happenstance’, even as that of ‘religion’ in the West, is of considerable political significance. It suggests that as ‘individual liberties’ come natural to human beings living in the wood, these are un-natural when insisted on in the virtual environment of the city. Strangely, no psychologist has figured out the connection.

With the advent of the Vikings and their top-down elitist system, the Balt autocephalic system of government was repressed. The Balts came to be ruled by outsiders known as boyars (today residing in Washington, London, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Brussels, and like). A ‘boyar’, a name possibly originating in a name for voyager, is but another name for ‘prince’, or ‘millionaire’, or ‘billionaire’, or ‘oligarch’ who presumes a right to have the last word in matters of economy, politics, history, and the kind of information we receive from the media under their control.

The Viking God Wotan or Odin, when hung upside down from Yggdrasil, the primal tree (“I ween that I hung on the windy tree….”), saw the writing writ in the stones piled high at the roots of the tree. What he read was (my guess): “Never Again!” After his foot was removed from the noose and Odin was let go, he came to be one of the most violent Gods to stalk the Earth. This was because justice was no longer in the human heart, but was writ into law, those stones at the foot ofr the Yggdrasil tree. The tablets of Moses play a role similar to runes by way of the neo-Zionist tradition that rewrote the broken tablets.

The law-making bullyboys came to power after the Indo-European political system (where the spoken word was seldom broken faith with) was humiliated beyond—so it seems—anyone’s ability to rescue it. It was then that the world came to be ruled by the violence of those who sought for themselves vainglory in perpetuity. In short, the ‘runes’ etched in stone became more important than the spoken word. The shifting spaciousness of the spoken word was replaced by a square peg in a square hole.

Why did such a tragedy visit the Balts (and Vikings)? What caused the brave to lose their soul to a ‘thing’, a rune? Why did the wind become stone?

One can think of many reasons.

The initial reason (preceding the advent of the Vikings) may have been a catastrophe in Scandinavia. Such a catastrophe may never have struck humankind in quite the same way before. Its unique nature was in that the violence escaped control of the sacred (such as the self-sacrifice of the King and his court) and became part of everyday profane reality. Violence heightened consciousness, even as the Vikings came to believe themselves to be Gods.

The catastrophe affected all areas of what was ancient geographical Europe. The consequences of that catastrophe are still on the move. It will last until the tsunamis of violence has spent itself—whenever that may be.

Close neighbors to the Dnieper Balts, maybe even a branch of them, were those who lived in Khazaria, from whence came loggers known as Israelites (whatever other origin their mythology may claim). The name ‘Israel’ may have evolved from the name ‘Eshba’al’, ba’al possibly pronounced va’al, a word deriving from or evolving into ‘Wald’, meaning wood in German. Ishwa’al may echo to ‘Viss-Wald’ (Latvian—Visvaldis), a word that means All-ruler. The Hindu God Vishnu, may be related to the wood, too, which is why the pipal and Bodhi trees are sacred to that God.

Like the Balts, the Israelites, too, were affected by the fur tribute. It forced them into slavery, led them to abandon old traditions, and scattered them from their ancient home lands, which event they called  ‘exodus’, which may be another interpretation of the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. The despairing Khazarians were among the first people to become addicted to the worship of a thingified Unnamable (but writeable), which in the course of time became ‘revealed’ as a violent militarist God.

When the Viking princes proved too powerful to be removed by the sacred self-sacrificial forces (transcendence of body and ‘thing’ if it is to be believed requires self-sacrifice) the people of the forest (just as American Indians) chose—lest they die—to go into hibernation and survive by means of a vegetative* existence.

After the Vikings had reproduced imitators of their violent ways throughout Europe and beyond, these caused the people native to the wood to change their system from auto-cephalic to one that, for lack of a better word, became hydra headed ‘democracy’. In other words, the control center of ‘democracy’ is camouflaged by the bricks and sinews of rising superior engines (social constructs) of exploitation—the cities**, where the ‘more equal than others’ are the ever more inventive thieves elected to government.

*To become like a vegetable before the onslaught of violence is one negative interpretation of the teaching to resists violence by “turning the other cheek” (Luke 6:29).
**I have in mind Jane Jacobs and her book ‘Cities and the Wealth of Nations ' (1984). Ms Jacobs, an unashamed booster of cities as drivers of economies had a unipolar approach, a simplistic prejudice on behalf of the polis as beneficial to human development.

Along with the Vikings, boyars, and princes (men who among themselves are more equal than among others) came institutionalized violence that manifested itself through rape of mind (best example being a heavily edited Holy script and corporation controlled media) and a thoroughly thingified body of man. The original ‘thing’ of contemporary humans may have been the Egyptian mummy.*

*The connection between the Israelites and Egypt is not by way of a Palestine-Egypt corridor, but by way of Byzantine Khazaria-Egypt, in which case, present day Israel was a way-station to those who brought their dead from the north to be preserved in the sands of Egypt. As an extension of the Kurgan (KurYan) grave culture, the Israelites of the wood came to be identified as body transporters and mortitians, while the Balts and Slavs drove their ever moving (windy) herds of elks in all four directions of the wind.

With the loss of the civilization where the oral word was soul, came the loss of status of women and the Sun as the supreme Goddess. The new world order brought into vogue the enslavement and rape of women as it proved the superiority of might.

Because in an oral culture the charisma (truth, honesty, and autocephalic thought) of the spoken word is ensured by the willing death of the body from which it emerges, rape of women was unknown, because it was an unthinkable thing. Rape was unthinkable because the road that leads to such thoughts was blocked by ‘sacred whores’. I will return to the subject in the following chapters.

With a shift of the political system from intimate to intentional thingification of the inner self, came the introduction of a known unknown God (Jesus). One example of this process is the inscription INRI, which is posted on the cross above the head of Jesus.

The introduction of a God Whose Name can be written, directly or indirectly, such as INRI=Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum, allowed the newly discovered civilization that wrote to write Eros, but make it read Sex through the mere virtue of writing so. Having writ, the New Wor(l)d Order made itself—unlike the oral word—unforgettable. Thus, the word ‘Iudaeorum’, which should be spelled ‘Ludaeorum’, because that is how it was originally spoken, became something entirely else. By spelling it with an I instead of an L, the authors of the inscription turned Jesus into King of the Jews, instead of King of the Ludies or people. Interestingly, the word ‘ludie’ has today been lost behind a veil of ancient sports festivals, possibly horse races. Look it up by clicking the ‘search’ button of your computer.

All this happened because the written word is far from being as flexible as the spoken word, and may be divided into infinite number of fragments of meaning determined by the consonants in its spelling or the word next to it. This phenomenon is heavily mined by the so called ‘juridicial’ professions for which the symbol is St. George (standing for the written word) who slays the Dragon of the oral word.

In any case, with the loss of the oral tradition, rape by stepfathers of their stepdaughters became a common phenomenon. In effect, rape became a form of cannibalism initially effected by cockrels said to have minds of their own. Today sex is not taught their children by mothers, but by pornographic pictures and films produced by an army of anonymous males and their porno addicted b(w)ives.

 If some families complained about the cannibalization of their daughters to the Prince, he looked the other way or went to his library to find a different version of the story. There were few Princes who during their military campaigns had not taken part in rape or did not pretend to be the stepfather of some young damsel. Physical prowess may be a common enough phenomenon for a male psyche to entertain: but while it is held in check by nature (and hegemonic communities therein), it fails in the context of the artificial ‘democracies’ of cities and the auras these cast over those living at the empire’s periphery.

It was due to a radical change in the status of women of the wood, who at one time had believed themselves to be daughters of the Sun [the folk dresses of East European women (whether Balt or Slav) testify to this perception], that instead of sharing in the joys of gentling practiced by her ancestors, Daisy became a victim of rape. As a victim, she was called a whore, and—according to an old legend—was carried by a white bull from the East to the West, where she was (the myth stops short of telling it all) given, in place of a gentling touch, a new name. The name was written ‘Kunt’ (?Kuce, Lude. Luna), which told all men who heard the name that she could be gang banged again and again. Indeed, instead of being carried West, Europa was banged West.

Not surprisingly, children born to whores were soon called hoarchins (urchins) or hoarsons, i.e., sons of a whore.

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