Friday, February 24, 2017

Fragments (winding down)
By © E. Antons Benjamiņš, 2017

When human thought in a society has been reduced to the dogma of orthodox beliefs sanctioned by government, the only group that engages in subjective thought is the intelligence community. The problem is that subjectivity left to itself and without engagement with nature (yes, dogma when left alone spells autism and loses credibility), causes intelligence to succumb to runaway fantasy that ultimately bores, causes the skin to break out in cold sweat, and resorst to killing.

In the community of my origin (that of Latvija), all subjective thought among the intelligentsia has been reduced to a facade of pretentiously clever interest of what Others think in other parts of the world.* The outstanding example of this dystonic passivity among the intelligentsia is a journal that calls itself The Times of Riga. As the editor, clearly a Globalist, claims, the journal (apparently, he, the editor as publisher) has no interest in politics, or literature, or even readers as such, but engages readers on the basis of like minded passivity bordering on nihilism. This in spite of the fact that one can agree with him that there is presently no politician or government official that one would care to engage with in a discussion.

*For the most part the content of the journal is an endless series of interviews with philosophers, scientists, artists living in foreign countries. In its most recent issue (February, 2017) the front cover seemingly promises an article on the subject of “Who really killed John Kennedy. ”. I discovered that it refers to but one sentence in “John Cleese’s ‘Letter to America’”, which the journal partly reprints: re item 19, though in the Latvian version it is item 13, and the translation of the letter is incomplete.

Among the intelligentsia of America, the situation is different in that the ‘community’ of the Unites States is an artifact of orthodoxy or, if you will, of government propaganda having metamorphosed passivity into obesity. This point is best made by the fact that few videos that I have watched on the “9/11” event, have mentione that the twin towers were brought down my a nuclear device. The presentation by Dimitri Khalezov (a fomer military nuclear engineer of the Soviet Union) in above link—though there are several on the subject—gives the most complete explanation of what really happened. It is still a mystery of who specifically organized the event and to what end.

However, the 9/11 event was no mystery to the U.S. government, and was a spectacular example of ‘fake news’ by the corporate controlled main street media of the U.S. How else is one to explain the ignorance of the American public if not as a result of a long-term practice of fake news? How is one to explain that when news is presented, the American media never makes deductions, but a columnist dares do so, the media calls him a conspiracy theorist?

Some familiarity with the foreign policy of the American political establishment, will bring to our attention the fact that the U.S. has been at war 93% of the time  since 1776. What conclusion is one to make from this?

Surely, wars (if left unexamined) legitimate the government’s insistence that the country (always the innocent) is under constant threat from abroad. Such a situation legitimates perpetual war and takes place of the sacrificial king of earlier times. To quote George Orwell from the link: “In our own day they [the nations] are not fighting against one another at all. The war is waged by each ruling group [in this instance U.S. vs Russia] against its own subjects, and the object of the war is not to make or prevent conquests of territory, but to keep the structure of society intact. The very word "war," therefore, has become misleading.”


War or the threat of war is a secular way of providing government with morphic resonance (for more on the subject see previous blog). In order for ‘democratic government’ to work, the government must create a mmajority mindset dressed in an orthodox straight jacket that cannot be escaped from.

In post 9/11 (2001) U.S., war (beginning with fake war on Iraq) has become a major obsession of the government and the main stream media. Well hidden for much of the time, government propaganda spilled over the top of the levee during the Clinton vs Trump 2016 election campaign. The losers were so shocked by their loss that they encouraged an overt use of fake news to such an extent that the citizens of the virtual world of the city no longer knew what was what. Since Trump became President, the situation has become only more confusing as the citizenry orients itself almost exclusively by television news and replaces the main street newspapers with the alternate media on the internet. Newspapers have been abandoned to the editors of other newspapers. Subjective thought has been reduced to the level of the Snowflakes demonstrating (rather hysterically) on behalf of imaginary entitlements for city-zens.

Indeed, one notes that the Snowflake phenomenon is of the virtual humankind living in our cities, which is why its mindset is entirely made of internalized orthodox and politically correct clichés. If at one time people like Martin Luther nailed their thesis to the door of a cathedral, today we have returned to the days when the ecclesia (in government and university offices) are once more trying to nail the people behind a globalist door.

Puddings stuffed into net bags will soon ooze out of them. Like it or not, such oozing puddings are modern governments made by democracies. All definitions of ‘democracies’ are heavily laden with BS. To put it simply: democracy as a form of government is an invention of city governments (possibly ancient Athens) after its people grew nostalgic for life in the wood, where once upon a time true democracy did in fact exist. The type of ‘democracy’ described by English BS, and said to have originated with the overthrow of the Engish King John and the Magna Carta, whereafter, England became a ‘democracy’ for the barons whose spiritual orientation was determined by the Catholic/ Globaliste Pope. This system collapsed into a civil war, whereafter England became a parlimentary ‘democracy’ in which the King could not pass laws without the approval of Parliament.

There are many arguments over whether a democratic form of government works or not. In the case of my Latvija, it clearly does not work. In the first decade of its existence (1918-1933) the country progressively moved toward chaos. It was rescued by a coup d’tat in 1933 by one of its founders Kārlis Ulmanis. In the brief span of 1933-1939, the country rose to relative prosperity, and those still living remember the time as ‘golden days’. Though in conventional terms, Ulmanis was a dictator, he is remembered as something of a king. However, in 1940, Latvija was annexed and occupied by the Soviet Union, and Stalin soon killed off or deported what little there was of the intelligentsia of the small country. Ulmanis made no resistance to the Soviets, but was sent off to work as an agronomist at a kolkhoz in Stavropol, Russia.

The tragedy of the reign of K. Ulmanis was that for lack of resistance to the Soviets or self-sacrifice as a protest of Soviet occupation, Ulmanis left behind a national community demoralized for a lack of morphic resonance (see EC590) and such cohesion as it provides. In sharp contrast are the events in  Chehoslovakia in 1948 and Hungary in 1956 and their leaders Masaryk, Benesh, in the former, and Nagy in the latter.

The fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 found the population of Latvija awakening to the memory of the ‘good years’ of the K. Ulmanis regime, and expecting such conditions to return on the basis of mere expectations, which were encouraged by the propaganda emerging from Western governments. Of course, the expectations were not realized. Most of the country experienced dire poverty instead. Everything that was not tied down or behind lock and key was stolen. Even the letters that spelled the name of the first Latvijan president were removed from his monument for the simple reason that they were made of metal, and junk metal could be sold and turned into money. Not surprisingly, the bronze monument to the first Soviet Latvijan Prime Minister, a well known Latvian writer in his younger years (he turned to alcohol rather than self-sacrifice to escape his conscience) was left untouched, because it stood in view of the cemetery office and blocked the view of the First president’s memorial at the far end of a long alley of trees. The sculpture remains in its position and blocks the view to Latvija’s history as a nation state to this day, and bears witness to the success of the post-Soviet Latvian political regime in blocking out the past and replacing it with a population that has been overcome by vegetative dystonia with regard to itself.

When morphic resonance is replaced by vegetative dystonia, one must necessarily wonder how this autonomic tribulation of a community’s soul manifests itself outwardly. I think that the answer is fairly obvious: it manifests itself as alcoholism, a phenomenon that almost surely spreads as a result of morphic resonance that has its origins in a vegetative rebellion against orthodoxy*, and confiscation of earnings by taxation. When mildly drunk, the individual is able to access his-her subjective self and becomes sociable. Unfortunately, a drunk subjective self soon learns to prefer to live as an unconscious being. Interestingly, the latter state is experiencially known to a broad spectrum of society and alcohol is, therefore, often consumed before committing suicide.

*I visualize it as mildew spreading  on bread.

The use of alcohol, however, is but one of many means used to escape the control of orthodoxy or unipolar perspective. This is why it is not unusual to hear that some people feel relieved to hear when a declaration of war is made. Violence has long been known to create morphic resonance. It has been used by the military to create bonds among soldiers in military units and among initiates of fraternities. Similar tactics are used by heads of governing political parties when they compromise freshmen politicians by getting them to participate in issuing laws that do not serve the public, but serve the castle (caste) centered power pyramid.

The practices of caste may be contrasted to the creation myths of so-called ‘primitive people’ for whom the first God was a Goddess, manifest in the Sun, of feminine gender (Saura , Saule, Sonne)* in ancient times, when it was believed that all that is first came from the womb of the Sun Goddess. Later, when the Sun’s role was usurped by the male gender, whose God created the world from his body parts: the hair became forests, the eyes the moon and the sun, the clay or mud became men, and so forth. In later days the myth became corrupted, and Atum  (an Egyptian God) was said to have created the world from his seed and by masturbating.

*The consonants R and L frequently exchange places.

With the latter practice, it was no longer possible to imagine creation as a purely divine act. What had been a practice of relief from sexual tension with no particular significance, became (after the discovery that male semen played the role of seed) interpreted to be an act of pollution. In other words, morphic resonance, by whatever name, remained part of the garden of Eden until the Ego  having seized the throne of power turned it into the ‘killing fields’ (+).

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