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Fragments (winding down)
By © E. Antons Benjamiņš, 2017

13. Morphic Resonance

Herewith a summary and recap for my English readers of my entries in Latvian in the preceding 12 blogs.

In the last blog, I cited Rupert Sheldrakes lecture on Morphic Resonance*, which term he originated to explain his theory on what makes for social groups (of ants, birds, fish, insects, and ultimately human kind). However, Scheldrakes theory does not explain to my satisfaction the exponential increase in size and simultsaneous disintegration of the human community during the last several hundred years.

*May be read as a synonym for Magnetic field though Sheldrake may disagree.

Because I am a victim of and a witness to the disintegration of the community in our era, that of Latvija in the former, that of the United States of America in the latter case, I have entertained the notion that the problem lies with the abandonment of the sacrificial king as the kingpin, as it were, the Man-God who used to be the creator (and the healer) of the phenomenon of morphic resonance (or is it the magnetic field?) inherent in the phenomenon of death. Needless to say, the effects of the phenomenon of death is fragmented and vanished* by secularism, whenever the sacrificial king is not reinstated.

*As the ritual of the ‘endura ’ of the Cathar Christians (originating in throne- or chairmaking carpenters) proves, one used to take pride in the event of death. The Cathars saw the body as a temporary (no, not evil) abode of the Mind-Spirit. Today’s secularized and fake Christian remnant has turned death into a fearful, even porno*graphic (cryogenic) event. *Porno—ancient Greek for prostitute; porneion=whorehouse. In effect, the endura was the event dedicated to the leaving of one’s earthly body  enduring a fast to the end. The process of fasting to one’s death is described in the old English legend of King Arthur’s days, re Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. I interpret the scar on Sir Gawain’s neck to be a birthmark (in the next world).

I have grappled with the phenomenon of deliberately engineered societal dissembling and destruction for about seventy-five years now. The first inkling (unconscious at the time) of the disintegration began with the dispossession of my family from its home by the occupying Soviet government in 1940. The first glimpse of a solution appeared about 1958, after I had dropped out of Boston University, where I had applied to study for the ministry, but after being rejected, enrolled in the English Department. It is there that after a brief period, by way of Robert Lowell’s poetry seminar, I regained* an interest in the ways of the subjective mind. I found the ways of the subjective mind best expressed in mythology, especially in myths of the creation and maintenance of societies.

*A determined reader from an early age (I had struggled rather indiscriminately through Dante’s “The Divine Comedy”, Cervante’s “Don Quixote”, Jule Verne’s “Captain Grant’s Children”, Lofting’s “Doctor Doolittle”, the “Bible”, and countless Latvian ‘classics’ by the age of ten), I owe it to Robert Lowell a rekindling of interest (also unconscious at the time) in the subjective mind.Though I had read and reread The New Testament as a Marine in post-war Korea, the illusion of seeming stability of society hammered into their students by refugee schools had led me increasingly toward orthodox and institutionalized thought. The attempt to manipulate words by way of poetry put a decisive end to that trend.

About 1958 (nearly sixty years ago today), I happened to read Erich Neuman’s essay on ‘The Face of Glory’.* Be that as it may, I was inspired to connect that story with that of Sophocle’s “Oedipus Rex”, which, too, I was then reading. The coincidence of the reading material led to many decades of interest and repeated attempts to rewrite the story of Oedipus, which current orthodox literary version I hold to be a deliberate falsification of the original.

*Unfortunately, I do not recall which book of his it appeared in.

My persistence (sometimes obsessive) in trying to solve the riddle of the Sphinx owes much to the cultural Zeitgeist of Latvian society at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The Latvian language, said to have its origins in Sanscrit, still held many ancient presumptions. For eample, the Sun (Saule) remained of feminine gender. The Goddess of Fortune (Laima) was the midwife at the birth of a child. The initiators of Latvian national consciousness, the Herrnhuters (of Chech and German origin), too, had been my forebears.

My book (by way of the above mentioned blogs) roughly outlines what followed the Herrnhuter initiative in former Livonia. Leadership by example, as advocated by the pietist movement, was soon destroyed by way of numerous repressions of subjective thought. Today, after nearly three hundred years (1729-2017=288) of repression by Catholic, Lutheran, German, Soviet, and other secularist global forces bent on supremacy, the pietist God centered community, has disintegrated beyond recovery.

As one surveys the wreckage wrought largely by the secular orthodoxy of the United States of America (the exceptionalist fashist messenger of democratic order), one sees little hope for the recovery of the Latvijan community as it no longer has a grip on the golden thread of Ariadne (+) to its past. In fact, the present government of postSoviet Latvija is effectively working on the disengagement of Latvijans from Latvija’s history.

Still, I persisted in my attempts of raising Lazarus*. After returning (in 1995, after 51 years abroad) from the United States to live permanently in Latvija, it took me a long time to understand what was happening in my ‘renewed’ country of origin.

*For some ten years, I spent considerable time and money (to no avail) in an attempt to prevent the Latvijan holyday of Johns (Jāņu diena) from joining the tourist entertainment industry.

When I came to understand that the country had been ‘reestablished’ through the influence of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)* and the cooption of the Association of World Free Latvians (PBLA) in the interests of the American political establishment, a no less corrupt Hungarian assassin of nations by the name of Soros, had founded and infiltrated a number of non-governmental organizations (NWO). When I began a hunger strike to protest the elimination of the Latvijan currency (the lats) in favor of the euro, the head of one such NWO inquired rather condescendingly over the nature of my health (possibly mental). No public notice of it was ever made, though my grandfather had founded and been the editor of the largest Latvian newspapers during the days of the Latvijan community’s emergence as a country, and my godfather (de facto) had been the first president of.the country. I mention the latter only to point out that no opposition voice from Latvijan civil society has been allowed to emerge in postSoviet Russophobic government of ‘Latvia’.

*Of course, there is no overt public evidence for this. My observation is the result of hindsight and inference. As is heard said: “It does not take s genius to connect the dots”.

What has happened is that in the aftermath of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the CIA and related agencies organized a popular movement that pulled at the heartstrings of many who remembered the Latvian community as that of a sovereign country (1918-1941). The organizing of a series of emotionally charged demonstrations called “The Baltic Way”, whereafter the Baltic communities called themselves to ‘the barricades’. Alas, since the few Latvians experienced in the art of government were former Soviet officials, it is these who became the core of the government of ‘reestablished’ ‘Latvia’, which they created in the image of a Soviet idea of postSoviet Latvija. The renewed government concentrated the attention of the public on the atrocities of the Soviet regime rather than recreating a backbone that the renewed community could rely and build on.* The former Soviet officials remained loyal to their CIA bosses, as it was the latter who had retained them their privledges and held control over the public media. Not surprisingly, the files of the Cheka and NKVD have remained in bags that have not been opened to this day.

*This tactic is very similar to the incessant trumpeting by the government of Israel of the horrors of nazi concentration camps and demonization of the Palestinians. Since there is no equivalent of the Palestinians in Latvija but the Russians, the Latvian government (there is a NATO propaganda center located in Riga) of today demonizes Russia and Russians and invites the occupation of the country by nato and U.S. troops , tanks, and helicopters.

With all attempts at creating morphic resonance in the public space of Latvija being squelched by implicit and explicit ‘lawful’ and ‘democratic’ repressive acts and preparations of fake celebratory events (such as the 100th anniversary of the founding of Latvija upcoming in 2018, a year from this writing), an increasingly lethargic public fakes a Will for survival. Today Latvians are being made appear to be in favor of a restricted sovereign government subject to Brussels and NATO. Twenty-six years after Latvija has been ‘renewed’, it is already in cryogenetic storage and—barring a miracle*—it is a cemetary of long forgotten sacrificial deeds by its forebears.

*As this author sees it, such a miracle may happen only if the European Union project of globalization collapses due to the unsustainability of the presumptions of the Industrial Age and economic shock that results from it. Even then, the resulting chaos will likely be righted only through extraordinary public efforts at self-sacrifice—whereof the New World Order (NWO) will be diametrically opposed to the one being planned by the powers that be. Indeed, my book “Kirrti Mukkha” is written to make the public aware that a community is more than a series of laws supported by military might either in Washington, Brussels, or a fake government in Riga.

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