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EC 535
A Happenstance Witness and The Holy Ghost:
Neither a novel or documentary, but a story that
for the patient reader may, in retrospect, make sense.

By © Ludis Cuckold
The Betrayals  (3)

By any measure, the community that I rise from is a Johnny come lately. Many facts testify to this.

The first fact is that had it not been for certain Moravian Christians (David Christian, one of their leaders arrived in Valmiera, Latvija in 1729), survivors of the catholization of Europe (by means of a Catholic Bible and the Westphalian Peace Treaty), my community would long ago have become indistinguishable from the many empires or would be empires that surround it, re: Swedish, Russian, Lithuanian-Polish, German, and the European Union monstrosity (this ‘movie-link’, too, is a monstrous campaign propaganda piece, yet gets many things right).

Another fact is that my community today no longer knows with any certainty what it is and why it is. When the Moravians called it forth, it had neither song nor poetry nor writing. After the Herrnhuters acquainted them with same, they soon denied them the credit, and claimed that they had had it for thousands of years.

In the interests of capitalism, by today the community has been socialized according to the ways of the city and neutered in all ways possible. By the latter, I mean that it is a lifeless corpse that dreams of becoming a city of concrete illumined by a rainbow and infested by cars. Unlike the dismembered pieces (14*) of Osiris, which were distributed among 14 Egyptian cities, the countries of Eastern Europe do not remember that their once common ingredient was life in nature. Betrayed by absence of memory and dressed up by a pseudo history created by Western Christianity, the Balts sail the high seas for the West, and expect to be met there by sunrise.

*Originally the 14 Egyptian cities most likely stood for 13 months of ritual observance, which is the number of full moons in a year. The connection of the number 14 to the calendar is confirmed by the number of days the 14 pieces of Osiris were collected: 12, which is the number of months in the modern calendar. In effect, the story of Osiris is of a relatively recent time. The latter confirms the Russian mathematician and historian Anatoly Fomenko, who claims that ‘ancient’ Egypt is no older than our Middle Ages.

A pseudo history is problem not only for the Balts, but for the world. Even so, the biggest problems are for the countries in the East, because no one remembers that once long ago they are the ones that the West imposed itself on, and which they succeeded—for a short time—in driving off. Unfortunately, the enemy returned.

The East succeeded in remaining East until about the 17th century. Then about the time of the Russian tsar Peter the Great (1672-1725), also known as a Romanov, the East began to deny itself, changed, and began to accept the western view that the sun indeed rose in Rome, Italy, and not in Constantinople, the Old Rome. In effect, the theology and history of the Russian Orthodox Church and Russia became what the Catholic Church said it was.

The people of the wood and garden (Para-dise), had to start paying taxes to those who sought to unify them under one secular government—call it the United Nations or whatever. Religion became a synonym for federalization and, somewhat surprisingly, individualization* under the auspices, first, of the castle, later, of the city, nation, empire/ federation, etc.

*The story of Resurrection is the story of individualization. The beginnings of individualization are to be sought in the causes that began violence. The beginning of large scale violence began with the institutionalization of taxation. Though to pay taxes today means to write government a check, in the beginning it meant to kill the animals of one’s herd, whether it was of elks, reindeer, water buffalo, wild pigs, goats, sheep, geese, ducks, or chickens.

But God’s ways are inscrutable. After becoming indoctrinated by western values and perspectives, the war between the East and the West did not—as one might have expected—cease. Instead, the old opponents adopted another perspective and new reasons to disagree. Gradually the old antagonisms took the form of a major Civil War.

But unlike the Civil War that had been fought in the United States and likewise in Russia between the north and south, the alignment of the new reality was such that the opponents were increasingly facing off on an East - West axis.

Though Pope Innocent III is the one who (he likely replaced himself with Pope Leo IX) first tried to impose the Catholic, universalist-federalist, individulist theology on the East, and tsar Peter the Great (the one who built ships and the city of St. Petersburg), was the one who saw the wisdom in conforming—for the sake of survival—to the cynical ways of the West. Soon the society of which he was the leader lost memory of the whys of the East vs West antagonism.

Nevertheless, there remained a sense of history the French call history longue durée. That is to say, true historic events may remember themselves even if the propaganda of cynical power does all it can to repress them. Unfortunately, such a memory does not remember with accuracy, but with resentment, which often results in a misunderstanding of past events.

The loss of its history cost the East dearly. A grim reminder occurred recently, when the orthodox patriarch of Moscow met with the Catholic Pope in Cuba and both proclaimed and end to the thousand year Great Schism between the two churches. Again, the East was the loser not only for itself, but for all of human society.

The idealistic reason for the kissing ceremony between the Pope and Patriarch in Cuba was as if to heal the wounds of the Schism. Contrariwise, to those opposed to this ‘healing’ gesture (such as myself), there lingers the hope that it will soon prove to be a false and premature event, and lead, hopefully, to a better understanding and analysis of why the Schism in the first place.

The Schism arose, because individualism set into motion greed, which replaced the Commons with Democracy. Man, made in the image of “God (as the Bible has it), saw all that he [had] made, and it was very good” (Gen. 1:31)., which allowed him to create machines of mass production, which soon depleted the resources of our planet—especially the living resource of the wood, meadow, and wildlife.

The task before human beings—survival in a virtual man-government made environment—can be ignored only for so long. Visions of citified socialism are realistic only under conditions of inexhaustible and cheap resources.

But today’s state propaganda has it, that resources are plentiful, and if they ever shrink, science will discover more. Hence greed and democracy (the handmaidens of those who rule by dividing), and youths made gullible by trinkets and glass beads are able to unleash the Establishment (essentially of bandits and mafia) unto the marketplace, which it soon monopolizes.

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