Monday, May 16, 2016

EC 537
A Happenstance Witness and The Holy Ghost:
Neither a novel or documentary, but a story that
for the patient reader may, in retrospect, make sense.

By © Ludis Cuckold
The Liberated (5)

The men of the East European country of Latvija used to be among the brave. The proves of Latvijan freedom fighters at the time of World War One was legendary, not least for acting as Lenin’s body guards. Today they are among the least of men, and due to the propaganda of Brussels and dismantled communal spirit, they have become their own self-destructive lapdogs.

Just yesterday an elderly man, saw me enter a a small store in Vilzehni. I saw him notice me and said to myself: “Oh ohh!”

After I exited from the store and went to my car, the man was ready. As I was about to get into the car, he was by my side with his speech:

“Kungs (sir), I don’t know you, but I know who you are,” he began. “I need a job, please.”

My eyes gave the man a close scan.

“I know that I am not much,” he said almost tearfully. Though it was not yet 11 o’clock, his face was red, and a smell of alcohol was on his breath.

Seeing that my look was critical, the man said: “Won’t you please spare me an eirick (euro)?”

I had my speech ready as well.

“Look,” I said, “I understand how it is for you, but there are plenty of people around who cannot pay for their medication. Plenty of children need their teeth fixed. I rather help them.”

“I know,” the man answered and was pleased to see that I was pleased by his answer. After all, in Latvija only the government and the church, does not know the plight of the people. “But it is soon Easter (Orthodox*/May 1),” the man continued. “All I need is an eirick to lift my spirits.”

*The Russian orthodox church in Eastern Europe owes a considerable debt to the  Moravian Church (when the Lutheran clergy began to persecute the Moravians for their zeal, they sought to escape the demise of their Church by encouraging their members to go over to the orthodox faith, which they believed to be free of Catholic theology. Unfortunately, by the 17th century the Orthodox Church had gone over, with tsar Peter the Great (Romanov) leading it, to Catholic theology.

Because I favor the Orthodox Church (from my perspective, it had risen from out of the midst of a people of the wood and field), I began to reach into my pocket.

I fished out a handful of small change, picked out an eirick, and began to hand it to the man.

Seeing that there were several more eiricks in my hand, the man said: “Won’t you spare me two?”

Sudden anger and disgust seized me. Give a Latvijan a chance to reach Heaven and he will ask to visit a whore first. As I put the eirick and change back in my pocket, I said: “Sorry, I have changed my mind,” and opened the car door and got behind the wheel.

The man put a hand on my door.

“Get your hand off my door,” I shouted, and when he did, I slammed the door shut and drove off.

Needless to say, I would not now be writing about the event if I did not feel guilty about denying the man his whore of doctored* beer.

*Doctored beer: a 1.5 liter bottle of beer with 7% alcohol. It has been long rumored that the 7% is achieved not by extending fermentation time, but through questionable additives.

As for the men and women of the Latvian government, they all suffer from the ‘Ulmanis disease’, a virus that has mutated with one transmitted by way of ‘American democracy’. The ‘American sickness’ is the result of temporary and illusiory plenty, which keeps its people silent even as their government aggressively exploits everyone and everything and reeks of corruption (aka exceptionalism)—until the excesses catch up and everything crashes

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