Friday, May 20, 2016

EC 538
A Happenstance Witness and The Holy Ghost:
Neither a novel or documentary, but a story that
for the patient reader may, in retrospect, make sense.

By © Ludis Cuckold
The American sickness (6)

The ‘American sickness’ (a political movement inching itself toward renewal of a feudal government system) has an element of permanence about it, since from the days of the American War of Independence to our time (nearly 250 years), the sickness has repeated itself often enough to arouse certain expectations. Unfortunately, even optimist morticians are running out of faith in the sickness’s ability to kill the patient, because due to corruption and fast diminishing resources there is suspicion that the disease is dying for lack of nourishment. Indeed, there are signs that recovery from neocon capitalism is on the way.

This phenomenon has the facilitators of the disease scared. It offers evidence that secularism has failed. Utterly. Not surprisingly, news stories of a “better” (and sicker) life in the future are again news and displacing relevant news with hype about ‘hyperloop’ and platform trains, and there is no shortage of ’14 crazy proposals’ of how to make the future different from the present. Every pitch is claimed to be a strike. Even so, the circus attendees are becoming increasingly hopeless about being thrilled by the performance artists, and murmurs are being heard that they will be satisfied only if Caesar himself is thrown to the lions.

Though Latvija’s tiny military force had no hope of resisting the invasion of its territory by the Soviet Union (in 1940), there is no better symbol of resistance and refusal to submit, than to sacrifice one's life for one’s community/ country. Indeed, the meaning of ‘resurrection’ is not one’s rise from the dead, but the rise of one’s repressed and persecuted community in overthrowing the yoke of its enemy who preaches “each man is his own” and has no spiritual extension.

It is interesting in a perverse way that after the collapse of the Soviet Union ‘freed’ Latvija from the atheist yoke, the new Latvijan government and remnant of 'old time' religion soon surrendered the country’s sovereignty to the ‘lawmakers’ of the European Union with nary a protest from the population of Latvija. The lack of protest was because the foreign secret services which had facilitated East European ‘independence’ did not wish to allow time for the development of indigenous authority centers within its own civil society. This time around, no Moravian brothers and sisters were invited to come rescue what remained of the walking flesh.

The failure to form rescue or renewal centers was likely due to the people of Latvija suffering of a profound inadequacy that overcame them after president Ulmanis failed to do his duty in the critical year of 1940. The shame extends to the ‘lawmakers of our own day. None have any idea that sovereignty imposes on the living a ‘higher duty’ and burdens them with a ‘higher responsibility’.

Now that the curse of sovereignty has been removed by means of surrender to the European Union, 'democracy' and capitalism the country is being duly raped  y its ‘lawmakers’ and ‘enterprisers’.

The Latvijan people continue to express shame in their cowardly leadership by continuing to leave the country (about 500,000 have left to date).

The traitorous leaders of Latvija (for they neither know what to think or do) are convinced that federalization is around the corner, and that it is the tool of rescue. Convinced of their own saintliness, they have for some time been practicing dictatorship. One of the best examples of the latter was the occasion when the leadership refused the electorate to hold a referendum on the issue of the country keeping its own currency. Had the people voted to keep their own currency, this would have sabotaged the plans of European Union to deprive the country of its sovereignty.

Unlike the Latvijans who awoke to themselves as a consequence of the example provided them by the Moravian Church, the Post Soviet Union Latvijan leadership makes laws (which phoenix like spring into being as if out of nowhere, out of anywhere, perhaps even out of an empty head) and expects these will be obeyed by the mere act of being printed. If ever people were led by example, the Latvian government has apparently never heard of it and prefers to disengage from the responsibilities of leadership by refusing to become engaged in their people’s problems. Latvians are led today by fiat lacking any substance.

The focus of social engineering in Latvija centers today on causing the people to forget their history. Most Latvian historians are government sponsored missionaries of secularism who audaciously deny that religion had any role in forming the community.

Even so, the story of Latvia in the long-term is unlikely to escape the fact that the country was created by the radical Christians of the Moravian Church. The brothers and sisters of the Moravian Church (click 53+ min) taught a people demoralized by violence how to come together by presenting them with examples of how this may be done. The Moravian leadership by example created a community with its own inner light.

Unfortunately, the ambitions of the virus of Catholic theology (disguised as Lutheranism) soon doused the light.This was partly due to the forgetting of the causes of the Great Schism, which was the violent dismissal of humankind from the wood and the creation of a 'civilization' by taxation.

While the inner light for the Moravians was Jesus—perceived as a man of the wood and the countryside as they themselves were—this Jesus was for the Latvijans a familiar figure through their own shepherd or herder figure Jahnis (John). While the official records are silent about the origins of John, it is noty improbable that the Moravians re-introduced the Latvians to their own once upon a time traditional Midsummer Festival—Johns Days (Jāņi).

But then came the war for ‘freedom’. Little did the people know (whether in America or Latvija) that violence gravitates toward centralized power structures, which in order to survive impose on the people ever increasing taxes. Taxes necessarily force the natives to exploit the ‘gifts of nature’, destroy paradise (the garden of nature), and increase the power of spent power systems. Soon ‘freedom’ proves any Commons susceptible to ‘nation making’, then federalization of nations, and then globalization, all of which stages are virtual rather than natural entities. Most of us know that freedom in the city is an illusion, at best supported by lots of money. Oppression in a virtual environment grows exponentially, if only because all is fiat sans substance.

The big question—how to recover substance?

One thing for sure: while homesteads in the countryside form a neSt-work of neighbors, apartment dwellers in the city remain forever strangers among themselves, and, therefore, are always an insecure people subject to becoming pray to those who offer them the illusion of protection through violence.

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