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EC 519
Upon Whom the Ends

of the Ages Have Come…
A fantasy for an Apocalypse
© Ludis Cuckold (2015)
28 Afterword

No story that bases itself on actual events ever really has an ‘Afterword’. However, the beginnings of this story go back a thousand years to a great lie, and have unraveled only gradually. Mine is a brief outline that I tell to show that its ‘End’ may only now have come.

The telling of the ‘End’ began, if you will, with the Westpshalian Peace Treaty (1648), which separated religion from politics. The Treaty was nothing short of a major defeat for religion, because it denied it the ability to resist secularism in an organized fashion and a resort to arms in extreme circumstances

The link to an interview with the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill (a hop and a skip below) clearly shows how wimpy and obsequious an official Christian has become vis a vis secular government. No wonder that following the disastrous treaty, the  religious  trash—denied and intimidated of militant resistance—began to express themselves through literature and became what Marx called talking society, i.e., all absurd talk, no mindful action, replaced by the discovery of new enemie, terrorists, a race of humans unworthy of milquetoasts.

It ought to be obvious to the readers of this “Upon Whom...” series that the author and they i) owe much to the Russian mathematician turned historian Anatoly Fomenko and his daring assault on the pseudo chronology concocted by the Western Christian Church and its virtual priests, historians; ii) the obvious falsification of history by modern imperial powers (the United States of America and its allies in the European Union; the German Reich; the Soviet Union; China; Russia; and an endless series of smaller copy cats, among them post-Soviet Latvija; and iii) the author’s own life experience that looks with disbelief at the porridge of history that the above mentioned have been shoving down the throats of humankind.

This is not to say that my claims of disbelief should not be examined and better explained where need be. At the same time, I am confident the ‘doubting Tom’ perspective will survive, if only because history as concocted by the West will not stand. Its falsehoods, a row of dominoes, have already begun their journey toward the black hole dug for them by a doomed civilization that stood them up (with a hey, and a ho, and a lie!) in the first place. Interestingly, the dominoes fall in the direction of the past and begin their journey with the 9/11 ‘Pearl Harbor’* event in New York City. The dominoes end their fall at the ash pit of John Basil, the Bogomil, aka Jesus Christ, the King of the People of the wood.

*Pearl Harbor was an event encouraged by the U.S. Government in order to enter into a war with Imperial Japan.

After the institutionalization of taxation in which Western Christian ‘religion’, masked by the melodramatic figure of Jesus (yes, it is more impressive—if less efficient—to be nailed to a cross than shoved into a pit of burning logs*/**), played a major role.

*Anna Comnena, daughter of Emperor Alexis I of Byzantium, tells in “The Alexiad” that after throwing (?John) Basil the Bogomil into the fire pit dug on the hippodrome in Constantinople nothing but a whiff of smoke remained. / **It has occurred to me that the auto-da-fe incinerations  of the ‘heretics’ is for show only. While the more serious live cremations were done more efficiently by throwing the victims into a pit of fire. I would not be surprised that if archeologists looked for such pits , they would find them.

Ever more persuasive tax collection methods, enforced by the written word turned into ‘law’, followed and secured for governments a ‘God given’ status. After all, the growth of government diminishes the People and their self-created cultures, and one gets the feeling that a feudalist order ‘progresses’ in an orderly fashion to a foreseen return of a new middle ages of a feudal world order.

As highly as our feudalist order may think of itself, its pseudo history has led human beings-at-large to wish for The Eschaton, an End to the sacrifice of lives exacted by the monstrous conceit of ‘enlightened’ minds bringing Death by an endless series of fascist wars that are blamed on the people rather than their governments.

Time obfuscates lies: by the time Lenin and Stalin met the opportunity for a Revolution against an entrenched fascist elitism in the court of the Russian tsars, they no longer knew the origin of the real source of social inequality, but were imbued with the notion that the enemy was a duck in a shooting gallery—because it had not recently been shot at with real bullets. Loss of information and their misplaced sincerity turned Communist revolutionaries into murderers.

A similar blindness has infected Americans. Desensitized by the success of their fascist government ('democracy' sequestered in cities is not democracy) in providing them with a cornucopia of consumer goods, which has given them a sense of accomplishment as well as material well-being, the mindset of The People has grown insouciant enough to believe along with their elites that God’s prejudice favors their conceits. In short, Jesus has ‘saved’ atheist America like no other atheist society has ever been saved*.

*Am I wrong in guessing that the fascist idealogue Donald Duck Trump or fool socialist ideologue Bernie Sanders, or feudalist darling Madame Hillary may win in the fall elections?

Nevertheless, it turns out that the American belief in being an exception is proven to be unsustainable. Most of the world today looks at America as being a fascist empire seeking to sustain its exceptionalist status at the expense of the rest of the world.

But does such a turning exempt the rest of the world from being any less guilty?*

*I see post-Soviet Latvijans from America, Canada, Australia, England, etc. sell their properties in destitute Latvia, and take the money back to their capitalist havens with no sense of guilt whatever.
When seeking an answer to habituated theft, we see ‘the rest’ or ‘opposition’ kaleidoscoped into one Russia, a country with many traditions grounded in Eastern Christianity. This fact, makes it an erstwhile past and future opponent of the West. Yet, like Lenin and Stalin a hundred years ago, it may mistake the complaints of the herders of elk in the wood for the complaints of factory workers of the Industrial Age.

The recent meeting—after a near thousand year hiatus—by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Rus’ with Pope Francis of Rome (without giving any theological justifications whatsoever) is a warning that the catastrophe of misperceptions may repeat itself and bring new violence and disasters.

Surely the reason for the meeting if the two popes is not justified by either men’s concern over the fate of Christianity at the hands of Muslim rebels (however misinfored they may be) or the End of the World at the whims of nuclear powers. The meeting, no doubt solicited by Pope Francis, is a circus.The only matter that justifies it is the iffy sense by Western Christian persuasion that the emerging Eschaton is due to the excommuniction of homo sapiens from relevant society and the imminent seizure of civil society by the elites of governments.

Nevertheless, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia, fails to understand the theology of his Church and predecessors. For one, the two popes call themselves ‘brothers’ and declare to leave the ‘Old World’ behind them (see item 3), because theysee it as no longer relevant.

Nothing demonstrates more clearly the failure of Patriarch Kirill to understand history and the Christian faith of his forebears than his  presumptuous ‘holiness’ that reeks of a betrayal of history.* Re: a forgetting that early Christianity arose from the egalitarian life-style practiced by the people of the wood when challenged by exceptionalist lords. The life-style of the city does not come close to the equality found in and maintained by people living close with nature. Nature is not virtual. By accepting the Joint Declaration’s reference to 1 Peter 3:15, where Christ is referred to as Lord of both Catholic christianities, Patriarch Kirill shows himself suffering from an insult when he so cavaleerly forgets that at the time of the Great Schism there were two Christs, re John Basil (aka John the Baptist, Healer, Christener) and Jesus Christ the friend of tax collectors and creator of governments and empires.

*I make the statement as a self-appointed Russian Orthodox. While I was baptized as a Lutheran in infancy, I received my true baptism by the figure of Christ in the Riga Russian Orthodox Cathedral in 1940 at the age of seven. My mother had taken me there on the occasion of the disappearance of her father, the former ambassador from Latvia to the Soviet Union. On that occasion we stopped before a life-size statue of Christ, which was located in a niche on the right side of the Cathedral (the figure is no longer there). The sight of the statue overwhelmed and awed me with a sense that the figure was at the same time both dead and alive. Neither the sight or the feeling have ever left me, which is why for all these years, I have felt compelled to try understanding our times.

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