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Eso’s Chronicles 199/ 9
Violence or Death? (9)
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In a book of interviews (“Violent Origins”), where the questions center around Rene Girard’s investigations in human sacrifice, violence, and death, in the Preface Gerard is quoted from yet another book of his (“Violence and the Sacred”) and is attributed the following statement: “Violence is the heart and secret soul of the Sacred.”

Without denying the importance of Girard’s provocative thoughts and contributions in an age of indifference to one of the most central questions for social existence, there are several things about which Girard ‘puts words  into the mouth and thoughts into the brain of readers through omissions’ that  are patently false.

First, let us take the above statement: “Violence is the heart and secret soul of the Sacred.” If that is so, then are not the so-called ‘modern’ governments among the most sacred governments that have ever been? And is not then President Truman’s decision to drop the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima an act far superior to that of a Jesus, who drops it, so to speak, only on himself? General MacArthur, who  then confiscates all photographic and like evidence of the deaths and damage and destroyed it, was he not one of saintly disciples of presidential America? The grim fact that U.S. government refuses to sign a peace treaty with North Korea (for over 60 years), because its absence leaves it a gate through which--at some point in the future—to attack China? Is that not a guarantee for America’s future saintliness?

Second, if the reader listens to the interview with Girard at the link provided above, Girard is more than a little off when he states that all mythic violence is directed by entire communities against a scapegoat and that Jesus is the first ‘innocent’. That kind of absolute is borne of ideology and contempt for ancient history.

One of the phenomenons brought about by state (originally Frankish, then French) sponsored Catholic Christian hegemony is that its ‘Christian’ violence imposed on an older proto-Christian foundation (its own and those of neighbors) yet another violent restriction: self-sacrifice, either as a form of direct action or as sacrifice of one’s life for a cause other than dictated from those in the pyramid of power above them, though this point of view strengthens my argument that modern Christianity is but a wolf in sheep’s clothing in that it will not oppose those in the pyramid above them by pushing alarm buttons or by organizing direct actions, or by its priests sacrificing their lives in not-violent opposition. While Gerard never mentions the European Union, EU, his political support of a government under the ‘false flag’ invented in Aachen by Franks is evident. We can see its continuity in the French courts’ demand that Muslim girls do not wear their modest scarves to school.

As for ‘Jesus Christ’ being the first innocent who is slaughtered as a scapegoat, yes, it is true in-so-far that the story of Jesus is an invented story written over the story of king John Basil of Byzantium. Jesus himself is a fictional composite, created out of several saintly characters, that of Sts. Polycarp and Basil (first name possibly John, but since Catholic repressions disguised behind the name of Disciple John) including. Yet even the invented story, invents his death in a Robin Hood setting, i.e., he is crucified between two thieves, surely meant to indicate that those who killed him wished the future to remember him as a criminal.

At the very beginning of the link there is discussion of Oedipus, but Girard, a literary critic among other things, completely or deliberately  misreads the story by failing to see the hidden story within it. For a full reveleation see my Indeed, the story of Oedipus Rex is a story of a king inheriting the tradition of self-sacrifice, but fearing death escaping it with tragic and violent consequences.

Gene Girard’s faith in religion as the ‘Word’ is a word for himself. However, since very ancient times humankind has been aware that the ‘word’ has to be reinforced by ‘deed’, and if such a deed and reinforcement is lacking, the ‘word’ becomes empty. This is what is behind the act of self-sacrifice rather than its substitute—violence. This is what is behind humans working together as a community, rather than letting one individual of ‘empty word’ exploiting them together for his own gain. Yet Girard’s thought—outside of being provocative in an age where thoughtfulness suffers of malaise—ends up replacing God with Money. Whether the figures which stand behind Money are God, Gates, or Rockefeller--What a disaster for humankind!
Elsewhere in “Violent Origins” (p87) Girard insists that “…the imperfection of our knowledge does not deter us from interpreting these documents as reliable evidence of some kind of collective madness….”, The documents he is referring to are from the time of Black Death, when “…foreigners were killed, and Jews were massacred, and a century or two later, ‘witches’ were burned….”
While one may agree that the killing may have resulted from some kind of “collective madness”, the sorce of this great madness is the Church itself—that it  continues to propagate the will of the  secular leadership. Neither it or the secular leadership ever was or is capable of offering itself in self-sacrifice. It is evident that the neo-Christian dogma that “Jesus has died for our sins…” is just the right abracadabra of a  tetanus bacillus that covers the nail Christian institutions drive into the heads of their flocks and paralize the minds and bodies of the sheeple and make them part of a stupendous parade of the living dead. I can think of “resurrection” only in terms of the ‘living dead’ growing tired of being dead and shaking off this neo-Christianhomunculus for all ages to come.
Academia covering its brain with sand:

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