Sunday, August 25, 2013

Eso’s Chronicles 208/ 8
WW3 On Pussyfeet (8)
© Eso A.B.

Usually violent harm comes to the body from the outside be it a sword, an axe, a bullet, shrapnel, atomic blast, meteor, or a curse. There are times, however, when the violence from outside enters our inside, and then, somewhat like cancer, causes our body to collapse around it.

One such inside from outside violent matter is gas, nerve gas, specifically Sarin. Because it is odorless and easily mixes with water, it is an ideal invasive agent. Depending on its concentration, the death can be the result of quick asphyxiation or slow convulsive choking.

Just today the U.S. announced that it is taking preparatory steps for a war on Syria , because it blames, without direct proof (except for the word of the big corporation financed Doctors Without Borders”) , that Syria has used Sarin in retaliation for attacks by so-called SLA or Syrian Liberation Army, which in effect is made up of Islamic ‘crusaders’ against Islamic secular powers. The U.S., which has turned Capitalism into a religion is taking the side of the SLA with the aim of accomplishing a ‘regime change’ against Syria’s Assad government.

If indeed Syria has used Sarin, it apparently is because the SLA was joined and is being led by advance U.S., Israeli, and Jordanian forces since August 15 It is conceivable that these invasive forces within Syria have begun their premeditated ‘false flag’ operations beginning with the Sarin attack (blame Syria for it, of course), now soon likely to be supplemented by cruise missiles.

Be that as it may, the current international tensions present all small and middling state capitals with imminent danger of an attack by a nuclear device.

How so? The question is not difficult to answer.

Consider that you are an empire and an ally of yours (Syria under the wing of Russia and China) is facing an imminent attack. What would you do? Would you attack the immediate threatening powers, who would you strike back?

The answer is you would attack some innocent state with no nuclear devices of its own. You would most likely target some ‘small and middling state capital’. Again, the reason is easy to discern.

Why would a large empire attack its direct enemy first, if an attack on an innocent and unawares bystander would better serve its purpose?

What if, for example, a pre-installed nuclear device  were to be exploded, say in a major Canadian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, or Turkish city? Or you would chose a capital city in the Batics or, for that matter, the Hawaiian Islands, or the Ukraine?

Who could definitively prove where such devices originated from?

And who could prevent the inhabitants of major world cities from panicking and making an attempt to flee their urban environment?

Would this not initiate chaos in many if not all cities of the world?

And what if such pre-installed nuclear devices exist in not only one, but many cities and several are exploded at the same time?

Of course, this writer is nowhere near any nuclear buttons, but at the same time, he hears the war of words and the anxiety implicit in statements by leaders , who fear that an enemy—so far held at arms length—suddenly pushes a button that finds them as unprepared for an attack as, say, in this case, the innocent bystanders. As we well know from WW2, Hitler perhaps hoped that Great Brittain would not enter the fray when he attacked Poland, nevertheless, if England had remained on the sidelines, the victory of WW2 would more than likely have gone to Nazi Germany than Soviet Russia. Indeed, Stalin held to the presumption that his ‘deal’ with Hitler would keep the Nazi leader from attacking him. Had not Hitler made grave mistakes and if England had not entered the war, Stalin would indeed have died in a bunker of his own.

In any event, this writer suspects that if and when WW3 breaks out, the leadership of no country will be found in the capital cities of their respective countries.


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