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Eso’s Chronicles 194/ 4
Scholarship as Political Prejudice (4)
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Anyone who for whatever reasons of his-her own has read my blogs for over a period of time will have noticed I do not pretend to scholarship as such, but my perspective is that of a layman looking at the stories pursued by scholars with regard to history and religion especially.

Since the perspective of religion so obviously effects the ways society arranges the rituals of its daily behavior, which behavior has led to the destructive behavior of most of today’s governments, independent scholarship would seem essential. However, scholarly independence is obviously suspect, because the daily behavior of society at large is not dictated by religion, but by governments that have taken on the role of religion. Furthermore, the government’s role as a religion is furthered by a complaisant and pliable privately owned public media.

I have perceived my role and my story-telling of history and religion as a goad to help the reader break out of the shell of government dictates that end up constituting the materialist presumptions and ritual over our daily lives. If the reader has minimal respect for me, which he-she would show by returning to read another blog after reading one, and disagrees with my material, he-she is invited to look into the matter further by going to the library or searching the internet. On the other hand, if the reader shares my prejudice that much of what passes today as ‘information’ is information poisoned by the politics of a questionable majority loyal to a tiny violent minority, then over a period of time, we would be pushing scholarship away from government influence toward greater objectivity.

An interesting clash between a private media platform (the Fox News) and an individual scholar shows up at this interesting confrontation between one of the ‘talking heads’ at Fox News, Lauren Green and Professor Reza Aslan, a muslim and a scholar of religions: http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/fox-hosts-bigotry-exposed-reza-aslan?akid=10742.171186.EECk_R&rd=1&src=newsletter875520&t=3

As the clip shows, the Professor is first attacked for being a Muslim and therefore questioned about his legitimacy to write about Christianity, while Lauren Green presents herself as a Christian bigot and as representing (beyond question) the view of the religion of the American nation.

My view regarding Christianity does not in any way parallel those of Reza Aslan. The first difference, I would argue, is that the events concerning Jesus very likely did not occur in Palestine, but in Constantinople (I take the view of the Russian scholar Anatoly Fomenko on the matter), nor that Jesus was crucified, but that another holy man was pushed into a pit where a fiercely burning fire consumed him. The latter is not Fomenko’s view, but stems from my own conclusion that Jesus Christ is a creation of fiction to replace the now forgotten victim of a nascent capitalist government, and that one of the early sources of capitalism is to be sought in the late Byzantine Empire. Anyone interested in the source for my opinion can check out at my blog site JesustheBogomil.blogspot.com   My other disagreement with Professor Asan is that the Roman Empire that he is talking about never existed in the geographical location of present Rome, but was simply was another name for the Byzantine, aka Israel, Empire.

As I discuss in the three previous blogs, the present Rome and the fiction that it ever was the capital of an Empire, is a government supported fiction project, which began with the establishment of the Papal residence in Rome by Pope Gregory XI, who abandoned Avignon and arrived in Rome, Italy on January 17, 1377, thus officially ending the Avignon, France Papacy. As we ought to know, the Vatican itself was officially established only in 1929, when it became a ‘country’.

What the skeptical reader will have to acknowledge (perhaps unwillingly) is that from 1377 to 2013 (the hear this is being written) are 636 years, of which the early years are total fiction (probably due to the change from oral and flexible to written and rigid-legalistic communication). As I contend, the fiction begins with the creation of the capitalist system, where money and tax collecting dominates (represses) the common man in favor of the princes. The unpopularity of this system is obvious, not only because of the violence it created in social affairs (re: cataclysmic violence in Languedoc, Aragon, and the so-called Shepherds Crusade and Lepers Plot in France, but as history of long duree led to the holocaust against the Jews by the Nazi regime in Germany in the recent past.

The unpopularity of the Capitalist religion (behind the False Flag of Christian goodness) continues today in the capitalist attacks on the Muslim countries in the Middle East: Palestine, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan. Nary is a word said that this is a religious war led by Capitalism with its God Money against Egalitarianism with its God come with the Gift of life.

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