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Eso’s Chronicles 192/ 2
State Dept of Religion (2)
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My disagreement with post-capitalism era capitalists is presented in the blog preceding this one. I remind the audience that we have, before our very eyes, a clear picture of the collapse of an over a thousand years old psychophisiologically misguided civilization, yet ‘capitalist radicals’ cannot think of its failure as anything but a passing spectacle. This only proves that capitalism leads to increasing levels of insanity and delusions of power.

At another blog site (, I present the argument that the prevailing religion of our time, Christ-ian-ity, while having its origins in what is now called ‘folk art’, was deliberately destroyed in order to give birth to capitalism. In its early days the capitalist inklings were first received by what we today know as CEOs.  oligarchs, and jhenerals, but were then administrators working for the office known as the ‘sacred king’. Because their office enjoyed the authority of the sacred office, they fractured the aspect of the psycho physiological One that theoretically belonged to the Sacred King only, there arose what we today know as the human rights of the individual.

Today the fractals of the Sacred Unity in its human form embody themselves not in sacrificial princes or individuals, but in idiosyncratic individuals. A recent example are the young women of a group known as ‘Pusy Riot’ , who invaded a temple of Christ-ian-ity in Russia. What was the reason for this act?

The punk rock group projected itself as an opposition group to Vladimir Putin, who was then running for the office of President of Russia, and who was supported by the Russian Orthodox Church. Though many consider the actions of the punk group as frivolous, their self-projection in politics, nevertheless, causes one to analyze their actions ‘with dead seriousness’ and some déjà vu.

History allows us to see the Russian Orthodox Church as a religius community which was humiliated during its clashes with the establishment of Christianity in the West by the Frank kings beginning sometime in the 8th century (some claim earlier) of our era, when these fled the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions for the northwest of Europe. While such a flight is not recorded by Western historians, the equally sudden and surprising appearance of the Franks by the North Sea is not denied. This is not to say that their flight (and attack against the indigenous tribes in their way) may not have been influenced by the Vikings, who had for some time been known to have established themselves in the Byzantine controlled world.

In any event, the Franks attempted to consolidate the newly occupied lands by instituting their own form of Christianity. Whereas Byzantine Christianity was built on a foundation of folk religions practiced by tribes whose economy was based on animal herding, and which therefore were self-sustaining economies, which did not know taxation, the Christianity of the Franks attempted to introduce a ‘rewritten’ Christianity by which taxation was accepted as ‘normal’.

When the Franks had succeeded in establishing a Christianity that accepted taxation, it attempted to infiltrate this ‘reformed’ religion in the guise of Jesus Christ on the East during a period known as The Great Schism .

The Eastern Orthodox Christianity was humiliated when it was forced to replace its basic religious story about John Basil with the story of Jesus Christ. I discuss the Eastern story in my blogs on JesustheBogomil. Still, despite its humiliation, the Eastern Church retained much of its rituals (the ever present bees wax candles continue to remind of the death of John Basil by fire), and refused to unite itself into One Church by joining the West with its permissiveness toward taxation. Indeed, the separation persists to this day, and by the perspective of history known as long duree  was the foundation for the cause of the Russian Revolution in 1917.

To return to the conflict picked by Pussy Riot against Putin, we again must apply the long duree perspective. In short, Pussy Riot represents the anarchistic forces unleashed by the Money Economy, which was made possible by taxation (which made possible a fiscal economy), while Putin continues to represent a civilization that favors a self-sufficient or autarchic economy and a Sacred King for its government.

In the present instance, Pussy Riot represents a post-neo-capitalism in its hour of desperation. That the desperation of the West is real is confirmed at this very time by two events. The first is the propaganda visit of the Pope to South America, where Western Christianity continues to accept the legitimacy of taxation of individuals but not corporations. Second, the U.S. State Department  is stepping in on behalf of ‘religious freedom’ with all means of psychofiz gimmickry available to American descendants of proto-Enlightenment Franks. As professor Nirenberg states with regard to Enlightenment (on a broader basis than mere Frankishness): “…it is virtually a commonplace of post-Enlightenment political philosophy that violence and aggression are forms of association”, adding by way of clarification the African proverb: “They are our enemies; we [are forced to] marry them.”  

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