Saturday, February 27, 2010

Election speeches are beginning in earnest.

In the next blog (86) I will respond to S. Elertes speech in the USA.
Here is a picture of a young Latvian mother and her child.

I am using the picture with her permission, but a request
to respect her anonymity. A quick fact: Young woman and child
presently have to make do on Ls 38 = $ 76 (state support)
+ 7 kilos dry macaroni, 7 kilos flour, a few other items allotted by the municipality
+ plus home made conserves of tomatoes, and a few other items.
I have made a contribution that may help increase her monthly income
by Ls 45 ~ $ 90, i.e., total of Ls 83 or $ 166.
Now please go to Blog 85.

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