Friday, January 29, 2016

EC 512
Upon Whom the Ends
of the Ages Have Come…
A fantasy for an Apocalypse
© Ludis Cuckold (2015)
21 Unisexing The Commons Gay

Several months passed. 

When the occasion arose, I asked Daisy whether Stud would hold to his word and marry her, Daisy answered that Stud had said nothing on the matter. When I added: “And you have no suspicion that he is simply yopting you for the sake of getting his nuts off, and still believe that he is banging you for the love of you?* Have you no concerns that you are putting yourself and the lives of your children at his pleasure?”

*An old Latvian saying has it: “To fight and to fuck is no sin. It is the power of love!”

Daisy responded with the standard response of post-Soviet de-communalized (I am tempted to say ‘decommissioned’) and despiritualized youths. I paraphrase: “We are free to do as we like. He and I are free to let go if we want. I have told him that if he wishes to leave, he is free to do so.”  When I suggested that such a response offered no security to her children, and that a 22 year old yopter was hardly old enough to serve her children as a father, the reply repeatedly was the same: “He is free to go whenever he wishes.”

I was disappointed with “free” Latvija as never before. A great draft of wind was pulling all the curtains out the window, and whatever belief I had in Latvija as a community went with the birds.

It occurred to me to ask if Daisy would consider marrying me as an alternative.

She looked surprised, and answered neither yes nor no. I took advantage of the hesitation. The next question I asked was: “Will you marry me if I win the Eurojackpot lottery of 23 million euros?” That sum was the prize for the draw that weekend.

Daisy did not speak, but nodded her head.

“Am I to understand that if I win 23 million euros in the lottery, you will leave Stud and come to me of your own free will?”

Again Daisy said nothing, but in a silent affirmation squeezed my hand. I was not persuaded. Still, her answer pleased me. It sent a message, however tentative, that if the price was right she was willing to negotiate. On the other hand, I became the lottery ticket’s Pimp. Or perhaps it is the other way around.

“What about your children?” I asked “I have helped you, and now have even proposed to you. I doubt I would have extended myself as much if you did not have children. Or do you think that you are worth the price for no other reason than your ego and the meat on your bones? You surely know that a local whore, even the one who has befriended you, will pull me off for twenty euros?”

I then showed Daisy the lottery ticked which I had bought for the next ten weeks running. She was impressed: for one, because I could afford to buy that many chances at a time; secondly, because she could assert her skepticism and be wise that my investment would come to naught. There was little I could do, but explain that my forebears, the (stupid?) Herrnhuters, had let important decisions be decided by drawing lots in the belief that the outcome was part of God’s will.

Unfortunately, this also brought up the question of whether God had willed that the Herrnhuter contribution and self-sacrifice in the creation of Latvija be ignored and brought to naught.

Given that we now can (287 years after the Herrnhuter arrival in Livonia) see that secular decision makers and their ‘spiritual’ advisors are worse than those who invested their trust in God, and the outcomes of decisions made in Washington, Moscow, Beijing, Brussels, and Rome have led to horrific disasters only the hubris of great fools can cause, perhaps it is time to return to the notion that the universe was not created by anyone of human intelligence.

Though I realize that my chances of winning a lottery are infinitesimally small, and robbing a bank is a more certain way to come by money, I have been buying lottery tickets for some time. While the idea of winning may be unreasonable, it is desperate reason that urges me to try communicating with the scarab of synchronicity.

As the man said, the banks have no money, only liquid assets now running dry as the California aquifer. Say, I had bought a ticket and won the 1.6 billion dollar Powder-puff lottery that was recently peddled in America. What would I do with the money? Surely, I would throw away my shoes, walk barefoot across America, and pass out money to everyone who came my way and denounced the Federal Reserve.

Why would I do such a foolish thing? Because by the time I got to the other side of America, the dollar could be worthless. As America is playing its Trump* card, a world of Cuckolded Peoples are watching and waiting for Trump to knock out the Kenyan globalist playing out America’s future on a golf course.

Money buys the individual. That is a proven fact.

But the need to protect one’s self and family created the community wherefrom the Commons. That, too, is a fact.

From what I have read, the Commons did not originate for fear of men, but for fear of tigers and like. The original fortress was of two blocks of houses facing each other in a jungle clearing or along a river <=>. In a jungle the ‘street’ that ran between the houses was blocked off at either end by a gate. While the doorways of the houses faced the street, the walls of the houses faced out,  abutted each other and were especially strong. If a tiger wished to eat a child, it would have to breach the gate at either end of the ‘street’ and face the village guards and the villagers themselves. If the houses were along a river, you put your faith in your boat and the current of the river to carry you to safety.

While money ‘frees’ the individual from the need of community, the absence of such a need unleashes a frenzied globalist fantasy of Utopia under One centralized government protected by nuclear bombs. The People’s slogan “In God We Trust” is replaced by the slogan “War is Peace” of exeptionalists. The exceptionalist U.S. government has unleashed at least 19 trillion dollars of debt (more than $58,000 per individual American) to guarantee that exceptionalism prevails and the rest of the world submits. So much for the descendants of the Pilgrims—they remember no more of history than the post-Soviet Latvians.

It does not take a genius to realize that with legitimate avenues to ‘communal life’ blocked by privatization, globalization, and passing of individual rights to corporations, humankind is facing corporate cannibalism. A thousand years between grinding teeth have destroyed the ability of the Commons to resist the government genius.

If one may guess, only the nullification of the Westphalian Peace Treaty will help create the conditions that renews the conditions that enable opposition to rampant secularism (artificial intelligence, virtual reality, democracy in an urban environment, fear of death, love without will, denial of other intelligence than human or human created AI, the Pope, etc.) and its wanton destruction of morality and life. If we think of it—is not life dependent on the forces that support community?

If I am correct in believing that the Muslim revolt against a libertine West embodies the degree of resistance required to bring down governments run by corporations, then the Pope in pseudo Rome is egg batter. Hopefully, Western Christians, too, are about to rise in a revolt of people determined to achieve a New World Order other than the one brought by the fascist communities of full-employment, aka government bureaucracies. As the Danish and other globalist governments (today a descendant of the Vikings, a Dane commands NATO) co-opt their citizenry, it becomes obvious how profoundly the U.S. has infiltrated and neutralized Europe as a political entity.

After returning to Latvija and noticing that the much hallooed reestablishment of Latvija as a post-Soviet State in no way reestablished Latvija as a republic of the Commons, but—instead of arresting those who were sabotaging a recovery—surrendered to ‘gay rights’ and ‘rainbow revolution’ activists advocating the virtual love of sex as replacement of natural love for community. Today these same advocates are advocating apologies to the Islamic Vikings for the rape of European women, while young European girls hide in closets.

Forced to become wise to the exploitation of minority opinion by governments in search of ever greater centralization of power, I reoriented my perspective regarding the nature of ‘democracy’. I began to understand George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” was a fairy tale that is more than just a tale about pigs and horses, but talks about a world ruled by empires. What else is a world fully globalized if not an Empire ruled by pigs—whether the Empire is in the East or West?

After I had digested the news that Daisy was not impressed by my offer of marriage, I, nevertheless, continued to argue that I would be ‘better’ for her children, than Stud. To make my point, I regularly bought the children bananas, which Daisy could not afford to buy.

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