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EC 507
Upon Whom the Ends
of the Ages Have Come…
a fantasy for an apocalypse
© Ludis Cuckold (2015)
16 Hid by Hidden History

While Americans know the time as an age of slaughter* of beavers, buffalo (culminating during the last half of 19th century), and wild pigeons (to fill down pillows and blankets), in Europe and Asia it was an age of virtual elimination of wild life and introduction of agriculture through serfdom, the first serfs being ‘sweders’ who cleared the land of its forests by a then common name ‘sweding’ (hence the name of Sweden), whence the English word ‘to sweep’ as in clear clean of.

*The archeologist’s term “hunter and gatherer” that has become a commonplace in the media is as pseudo as it is prejudiced on behalf of the perpetuation of violence against nature. I submit that there was no such thing as a ‘hunter’ or only as a rarity until the Vikings instituted taxation through the fur tribute. As supporting evidence, I suggest that the Latvian word for ‘hunting’, which is ‘medīt’ gives a more honest idea of the practices of our forebears. The word ‘medīt’ in Latvian derives from the practice of honey gathering, the word honey in Latvian being ‘medus’. Before the appearance of man-made bee hives, bees made their nests in tree hollows, which where called ‘dores’, from which later the word ‘durvis’, from which perhaps the word ‘door’.

Sweding the land free of trees kept the sweders, swedes, sweepers, serfs, slaves, pa-g(y)ans, and peasants walking behind the horse. All plowed the field, which had been created by a method of slashing and burning. After the surface of the earth (zeme) had been beaten lifeless, it was ‘scraped’ with tiller logs that had their branches cut just short of the trunk. These spiked logs, weighed down by field stones, were dragged by horse or ox (and sometimes humans) across the land that had both timber and stumps removed. As is human wont (and paradox) children, too, sometimes rode these spiked logs. Thus, the raking and raping of the land became a pleasant childhood memory.

Deforestation followed the elimination of much of the wild life that made the wood its home. To hide its crimes, humans invented stories about the vicious nature of the wolf, not because it is a particularly vicious animal, but because it will fearlessly denies itself life in order to protect the pack.

With the destruction of the wood came a catastrophic decline of government income by way of either booty or fur and timber tribute . With the elimination of the fur tribute, arrived the embellished stories about agricultural practice. Even as the history of agriculture was fictionalized, the economy of self-sustainment —through the development of gardening economy—was pushed ever further into the past.

Today a collapse of government income from taxation (due to an exponential rise in financial speculation and depletion of natural resources) is turning governments against their own people. If agriculture developed largely as a result of the sacrifice of wood and wild life, today a shortage in revenues manifests itself in so-called Quantitative Easing (QE), a year-round April fools day, a delusional way of presuming to multiply resources by printing paper money (so-called fiat currency) and turning fiction into virtual reality that has no future. Quantitative easing (QE) extends the life of the oligarchy even as it eliminates life for the poor and turns surviving humans into wolverines . It makes good sense to the elites to depoliticize issues and minimize the importance of such issues for the Commons, which confuses it and leaves it the loser.

A few centuries of disrespect for wilderness and garden encouraged an exponential growth of cities, which academic literati begin to regard no less God given than taxes.

Though today virtual reality is no longer seen as God given as when it was common to hear speak of ‘Holy Rome’ or ‘Holy Roman Empire’, the word ‘good’ came to be regarded as pseudo holy or a God given tribute to such cities as New York City, Washington, Moscow, Beijing, etc.: as early as the ‘heavenly’ cities such as Rome and Beijing, and as late as following the 9/11 event.

As we know, soon after the ‘terrorist’ attack, New York was renamed ‘the city of 9/11’ (aka ‘the Mother of False Flags’) by U.S. President Bush. Bush did the renaming from the St. Patrick Cathedral of New York in 2001, three days after the fall of the Twin Towers. At that time he said: “War has been waged against us by stealth and deceit and murder. This Nation is peaceful, but fierce when stirred to anger. This conflict was begun on the timing and terms of others. It will end in a way and at an hour of our choosing.” In short—we will lie when it suits us and chose and name whoever is to be the “others” and then go kill them.

The displacement of community elders by the likes of President Bush (an uneducated mind become a criminal emperor) has made a joke of the Nuremberg War Trials*. Just like the Peace of Westphalia legitimized the seizure and use of religion by secular governments, the Nuremberg Trials served to dismiss charisma as an essential part of political leadership by identifying it with Hitler. The word ‘charisma’ originally meant to project the not-violent terror of one able of self-sacrifice. Clearly it is a word and characteristic foreign to such individuals as George Soros, telling the West that ‘fear of death’ by the sheeple he herds is what makes his world among the oligarchs unsafe**.

*If in the aftermath of WW2 it was broadcast that Hitler’s attack on Russia illustrates Hitler’s cowardly nature, later assessments (Suvorov) have determined that Hitler attacked the Soviet Union to prevent it from attacking Europe. The secret military cabals of American military most likely suspected this and, therefore, may have used it as justification for excluding Hitler from the ranks of war criminals.

** Soros, a prominent billionaire, and founder of the Soros Fund Management LLC, in an op-ed in The Guardian titled, "The terrorists and demagogues want us to be scared. We mustn’t give in." In the text Soros adds: “Jihadi terrorist groups such as Islamic State and al-Qaida have discovered the Achilles heel of our western societies: the fear of death,”

One source of Western history is imbedded in Anna Comnena’s book on her father Emperor Alexis I, who deemed himself an expert in Christianity. Alexis I, was a secular king in a two-king government system where one king was divine, the other secular.

Alexis I, condemned the King of the People of the wood, John Basil to death by incinerating him in a pit of fire on the hippodrome in Constantinople.

It was Alexius I who invited Pope Urban II to come to his aid following the civil unrest [or was it the attack of the Huns/Yuns or perhaps ghazis led by Atilla (Yatilla=rider*) the herder of horses?] that followed the cremation of Basil.

*Yat (jāt) means to ride in Latvijan.

Western historians have rewritten the causes of the unrest in the light of western Christian victories of the crusades (counterattacks?) that followed the revolt of the people of the wood. The rewriting most likely happened after the Fourth Crusade (1202–04). While the real objective of that Crusade was to recapture the original Jerusalem, said to have been captured by Saracens in 1099, located where today stands Istanbul, a fictitious Jerusalem was created and deliberately relocated to Palestine.

While a fictitious Jerusalem was said to be located along the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, the real Jerusalem stood in Constantinople. In all likelihood, the Muslims were none other than the people of the wood, reindeer herders rebelling against a government that proposed to perpetuate itself through taxation.

The holocaust of the wood began after the ‘infidels’, most likely Vikings, began invading the ancient homelands of the Balts, the Slavs, and the Tartars (?Turks) by the river routes that converged on the Black Sea. It is not a fairy tale that the rich black soil of the Ukraine is of ancient forests laid low. But when and who laid the woods low? That is a mystery hid by hidden history, while accessible history is one of the great lies of the historians of the West.

The mystery begins to lift when we realize that the ‘ghazi’ warriors who are said to have invaded Turkey in pursuit of the ‘infidels’ were Muslims. The readers will recall that the Latvijan word ‘gans’ (see Chapter 3) stands for the name Yans (Jānis), who is a herder of animals. Now the names of Gans and Ghazi are actually one and the same name spoken by different dialects. Which suggests that the Muslims arose at the same time that arose early Christianity. This suggests that in the early times, all the herders (whether Slavs, Balts, or Turks) were united, and arose in response to the Eschaton being brought to their ancient systems of government by the Vikings.

While the ghazis’s succeeded in creating the Ottoman Empire, they could not stop the deforestation of the great woods that had been the home and hiding place of their peoples in ancient times.

In brief, this is the rough outline that lies behind the attack today of NATO on the Ukraine. No doubt, much deciphering of the false flag history of Europe must be done before a more refined picture of events emerges. Even so, the process of balkanization that was begun at the time was soon adopted as an expedient tactic by the rising generation of violent vagrants.

For example, the balkanization of England [after the Princes humiliated King John and forced on him the Magna Charta (1215)] is a copy of what happened a century or two earlier in the East. The subsequent reunification and centralization of the balkanized kingdoms is being imitated by the advocates of globalization today.

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