Sunday, November 22, 2015

EC 490

Upon Whom the Ends
of the Ages Have Come…
a fantasy for an apocalypse

How a Posse of Commons* from the Township of Singularity rides in search of Daisy (reportedly raped and kidnapped), and discovers Ludis Cuckold dressed as Jesus.

By © Ludis Cuckold* (2015)

*aka Eso Benjamins

*See back cover for more.

*I The free dictionary: Commons:
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (functioning as plural) people not of noble birth viewed as forming a political order
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (functioning as plural) the lower classes as contrasted to the ruling classes of society; the commonalty
II Oxford Dictionaries: Definition of ‘posse’:
III Wikipedia: Sovereign citizen movement:
IV The Rutherford Institute: an article relating not only to trend of government in the U.S., but most governments on our planet:
V Wikipedia: Source of charismatic authority:

to mothers who birthe orphans
due to no fault of their own

Maleficium: (Durkheim: ‘man commenced designing [writing]...
[so] as to translate his thought into matter [or thing].’)

Beneficium: Gal. 3:27 English Standard Version

"For as many of you as were baptized into Christ

have put on [the garment of] Christ."

All rights reserved.
This book is not to be translated into Latvijan.
No part of the text may be reproduced
in any form or by any means
without the written permission
of the author.
This story is from many sources,
heard, seen, or (including 1st & 3rd party) witnessed. It has been subjectively reimagined and relived by the author. The story is for raising awareness of the [prevailing Culture of the 21st century Commons as described above in item  I. 1 and 2.


Rose returned from Pakistan just a month ago. She went there (or her Pakistani lover persuaded her to go there with him) from England about five years ago. When in Pakistan, she birthed two sons. Now she has returned to Latvija alone and insists that she is not going to return to Pakistan. The way she explains her ‘flight’: she objected to the harsh Muslim communal discipline, especially as it is practiced against women.

Rose also tells a ‘cover story’’, which she has created for those who may look at her with a skeptical eye. The story goes that she expects her Pakistani husband and sons to join her, and that they may then move back to England or some other country in Europe.

Before Rose left Latvija for England, she abandoned three children in Latvija. One of who is with one of her former lovers, who is now married, another two children are in an orphanage. As stated, the last two of the five abandoned ones are somewhere in Pakistan.

I heard rumors recently that Rose had returned to Latvija. By fortuitous circumstance, I met her hitchhiking. As I drove to the village market to do  shopping, I saw her standing by the roadside, stopped my car, and gave her a lift. We talked briefly, but I received very little information that was ‘transparent’. Having helped Rose years ago (including giving her the money needed to get to England), I gave her my phone number in case I could be of help again. I did not hear from her.

When a few days ago, I asked a neighbor, whether he had seen Rose, he told me of a Midsummer orgy. According to the neighbor, the talk of the young men of the village was that Rose let herself be laid by any number of them. When I asked, how much she had asked for the lay, the answer was ‘it was free’.

To help explain Rose’s actions, I offer the following: her parents were farm workers in a Soviet factory farm known as a kolkhoz. Both parents were heavy consumers of alcohol, and her mother had a reputation of having slept with every man in the village, which, to put it another way, had made her every man’s ‘thing’. Somehow the thingification of Rose’s mother jumped the psychic gap that separates parents from their children and infected Rose with an inoperable whatchamacallit, which, when all is said, is some sort of ‘thing’. No?

The most recent rumour is that Rose is in England again.

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