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29 Not-Violent Populism (I)

The urban slum dwellers are over a billion people or 1/6th of the population. Another billion people, who overlap with the slum dwellers, are the informal working class. The latter is composed of the so-called “denizens” of the neocolonial city, the rag pickers, hawkers, child laborers, prostitutes, sweatshop workers, and like. Together these two peoples make for two billion people or roughly 1/3rd of the total human population of Earth.

Add to the aforementioned two billion unfortunates another billion of subsistence level rural workers, and we see that fully a half of the human population on Earth lives outside of the formal economy. As the word “denizen” indicates, these outsiders are not “citizens” in the sense of being among the politically accounted. Denizens are a people of no account. Many denizens live in dens, spaces below the ground level. If they also find their way to the above ground, they are found at such unlivable places as near-city swamps, desert dunes, decrepit lower-end housing projects, and railroad tracks.

As current global financial and economic difficulties prove, denizenship is not the affair of some third world republic trying to raise ostriches in the northern climate of Northern Europe. The problem is the result of a global systemic failure (think of an electric grid) at a time when things cannot be fixed as per usual—not even by a large country such as the United States of America or America, Europe, Japan, China, India, Russia put together. As the words “system failure” indicate, the fault is in the system, and it is reasonable to believe that the fault is part of the system from its inception. However, whereas the fault could perhaps have been corrected in the early days of the system, today the fault dominates and has become the system’s destroying angel.

No doubt, we are shocked, because we have an idea of what it means. If we do not believe that it means doom or The End, we suspect that we will die in great numbers, indeed in such great numbers till humankinds early death driven creativity returns. It is only then—after the great dying of those inside and outside the moneyed circles—that the dead will succeed in winning Utopia for those who remain. The dead will then reinstate a death that is again worthy of the starving Buddhist monk in sculptures in public places in far away lands in bygone times. ( )

If one seeks to discover intelligence from another planet, one ought to begin with searching out one’s own. Even so, it is not possible to look and see one’s self when half the populations lives in mega cities that surround their habitat in a cocoon of virtual reality. It puts the populations of cities completely out of touch with the worm that airs root and soil.

An unwritten law of the mega city is a prohibition to discuss or encourage death. For example, death was not allowed as a subject matter between patient and doctor in Belgium before 1998. Because the law was changed at that time, an increase in requested euthanasia cases has been noted, though no great rush of them either. However, the numbers of deaths resulting from high doses of pain killing drugs have increased more significantly, because at the time of changes in the euthanasia law, restrictions against pain killing drugs, especially morphine, were also reduced. The latter, while easing pain also slows breathing. Be this as it may, what is important is that when it comes to determining one’s hour of death, the state presumes to have a greater right over you than you yourself. It is this very presumption that lies at the root of the system’s collapse and the anger of the destroying angel.

This series has argued that the Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko is quite right to say that history is chronologically accurate only since the 16th century. It was at that time that a historian named Scaligeri created the history of before the 16th century from fragments of uncertain chronology. Scaligeri glued the fragments together in such a way as to provide Roman Catholic ecclesiastics (who authorized Scaligeri’s chronology) with an antiquity they and their church otherwise had no right to. The one thousand years or so that the church gained because of Scaligeri’s manipulations increased its authority greatly. This is why the Catholic Church could present itself as time tested and the only religious authority worth taking seriously. With nothing more than force of bias (when needed enforced by the military, the arm of secularism that hid the mailed fist of neoChristendom), the neo-Christians could and did present archChristianity as a pseudo religion, pagan, and, thus, irrelevant.

Since Jesus replaced John (a native healer who healed with water), who was also the prototypical man wandering the Earth looking for Truth, Jesus (whoever he was) was made God and put in charge over the human species dumbed down by violence. As a result, John (sourced in Everyman) no longer had the psychological supports necessary to live the life of a self-sacrificial warrior saint and keep his followers from being turned into nobodies.

At this time, the people of “developed nations” are unaware that they, too, are the dumbed down ones. A reliance on the nuclear bomb has propped up for them the illusion of power and control for too long. Nevertheless, the people of the developed countries are becoming aware of the denial of death by their governments, and they have taken the first steps to check them. The manner of resistance may seem shocking, but on consideration, maybe it ought not to be. These steps of resistance take shape as assisted “suicides”.

*The word “God” is in itself meaningless, but depends on its charisma by a collective subjective self, which is imposed on the collective from an outside, supposedly objective authority. The imposition of one subjective God over another is reflected in the words of Psalm 67: “Rise up O Lord, and may thy enemies be dispersed and those who hate thee be driven from thy face”. The “enemy” of God are the Johns of archChristendom, who have their own God Yan, one who is Everything within and outside of All in the now and the past.

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