Sunday, January 25, 2009

Time for John over Jesus, or Love is
not Sex
The image to the right is an icon of John in its neo-Christian version. However, arch-Christian elements are still clearly visible. For example, the image in the opening in the sky is that of another John, both one preceding and the one after this particular John. The image of John's head at his feet in the holy grail, too, represents the fate of Johns. The scroll in John's left hand would have been (before the days of writing) a palm or oak leaf sprig.

Those who have read my “All About Johns Festival…” at the LatviansOnline site know that I have long argued that the Latvian Jānis (John) belongs to arch-Christendom. The word “Christianity” (Christ + Jahni) itself is an altered form of the words krusts + Jānis (in Latvian Krishjahnis). In short, Jānis-John is the focal point of a concept of religion that stresses love as self-sacrifice for the sake community, its building and maintenance. In the eyes of arch-Christendom, Jesus is John, one of many Johns.

Johns lived and continue to live on Earth, because arch-Christianity believes that it takes the presence of a self-sacrificial spirit to exert direct influence on the behavior of spiritually uneducated men and women. However, neo-Christianity, a religion created by princes and kings, took one John named Jesus and removed him (incidentally with much violence) from Earth to the Nevernever Land of heaven to sit on his hands. Spiritually uneducated men and women have been running riot on Earth ever since. The current financial and economic crisis is but a result of their having “run down” the Earth.

Last Friday (1.23.09) the newly elected president of the United States Obama ended a ban on giving US federal money to international groups that provide information about abortions as well as perform them. As expected, on Saturday a senior Vatican official accused President Obama’s act as “the arrogance of those who, being in power, believe they can decide on life and death.” Another Vatican official stated that the act amounted to “the slaughter of the innocents”.

There is no question that unwanted pregnancies must be prevented before they occur, because they are harmful to both individuals who caused it, and the accidentally created fetus. The only way to do this is through education about sex. Education about sex means the demystification of sex (sexual attraction has nothing to do with love). Among the last remaining Johns on Earth are the Indian sadhus. When an American visited a sadhu (also acclaimed as healers) and told him that he could not get over his addiction to sex, the sadhu began to masturbate and asked the American to join him.

The Catholic church is a neo-Christian sect that supports pyramidal power structures based on weaponry rather than charisma created through self-sacrifice. It ill behooves it to talk about slaughter. However, if it wishes to do so, let the Pope be to the public an example of self-sacrifice. It is time to abandon pomp and circumstance and teach by example as the arch-Christians taught.

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