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EC 546
A Happenstance Witness and The Holy Ghost:
Neither a novel or documentary, but for the patient reader
a timely story about the collapse of Modern and Post-Modern Times.
By © Ludis Cuckold
3The Mirror of Love (14)

Though Ismene/Eulopa propagate the plague of Thebes by means of their own sense of entitlement to enjoy sex and motherhood, and thereby innocently condemn the males they birthe to death by fratricide*, the act of sex has dramatically changed its position from that intended by nature (at least in the beginning) to one that can best be described as contra naturam. This has dramatically increased the deadly consequences of casual sex, which has the support of our even more contra naturam governments.

*The way that the Face of Glory or Kirti Mucha (see blog EC 545) ultimately destroys itself is by growing out of its forehead two horns, which by means of myth turn into two armed warriors who turn against each other. The Greeks had at least three versions of the myth: a) the two armies that Cadmus set against each other by throwing a stone among them; b) the death of Oedipus twin sons at the Seventh Gate of Thebes; and c) the story of the giants Otus and Ephialtes who kill each other while in pursuit of the Earth Goddess Artemis. A fourth version or d) is of the Indian myth about the bird with two heads and one stomach, which is part of a collection of stories known as Panchatantra. Indeed, this myth of Sanscrit origins was once so well known that it may be whence the story of Oedipus the King evolved.

The vulva, which in female animals is generally located just below the tail that protects it, has in human females dilated forward and may therefore, be approached by the male facing the female. This form of sexul encounter is known as the ‘missionary position’ and is not necessarily favored by all female partners of the male.

Even a cursory check of human anatomy shows several physical anomalies that contradict the missionary position.

First, why does one giggle when someone tickles one’s sides? And why do your sides tickle in the first place? The simple answer is, of course, that when a stallion mounts a mare, his front legs rub her ribs, and this excites her and she becomes receptive. One may also have noticed that animals often stand next to each other and nuzzle each other’s  sides. In short, animals have evolved erogenous zones that the ever harried modern human has taught him- and herself to ignore or overlook. Such as, the nape of a woman’s neck, for example. Making love takes time.

Secondly, why do the penises of human males generally curve or bend upward like a banana? The internet has many sites that describe this as unnatural and give instructions on how to make the masturbator's penis straight. In fact, the penis is bent, because it is meant to approach a woman from the rear and accommodate itself to the curvature of the lower part of her rump.

Thirdly—the clitoris of a female’s vulva is located on the vulva’s upper end (click 1:30). Thus, when a penis penetrates the vagina from a missionary position, it misses the clitoris completely, while there is no such problem, when it approaches from the direction of her buttocks. In fact, the anatomy of the human female illustrates how by encouraging the male to approach her from behind, the female may direct (by hand) the penis either toward her clitoris or vagina or have the male ejaculate in a handkerchief or glove rather than vagina. As most people know, this position, which is encouraged by nature is proscribed by perversely associating it with ‘anal sex’ by misogynists.

If my explanation of nature’s design for the sexual act is correct, then the incredible increase in human population during the last one or two hundred years is due to the ‘missionary position’ and the ‘capitalist politics’ that exploits women for purposes of profit.

The politics of sex likely goes back to the time when the male elites were in haste (to survive their aggression) to do violence to the gentler males of the wood by taking and impregnating  their women by encouraging or forcing them to spread their legs. (Why else thrust spears and swords into women’s places meant only for those who come passionate with love?) It is unfortunate that nature accommodates the male in that he may achieve an orgasm from any position, while the female is limited to one. Then why did the ancient Greek prophet Tiresias say that the female had 9 x more pleasure from sex than a male?

Evidently, Tiresias lived at a time when the main abode of human beings was the wood, and in imitation of the animals ‘who’ they herded, human beings had sex not by confronting each other, but by the male kissing the nape of a female’s neck, whispering in her ears to gain her confidence, massaging her sides, slapping or pinching her buttocks, tickling her anus,  and reaching for her clitoris with his glans penis* by approaching her from her rear. If we count, the pleasure points are 9.

*The glans penis evolved from the clitoris when the original baby in the womb, who is a female, receives a charge of testasterone (as the arguments at the link indicate, this is a highly politicized question) in the 7th  week of pregnancy.

Of course, sex by means other than the hump is practiced by both gorillas  and chimpanzees, and appears has ancient origins. Even so, a recent study indicates that aggressive and violent males create more offspring. The reason it seems is due to the missionary position (as per anatomy click at 1:30), as once the female is forced into this position, she cannot escape the male’s advances, which she may when he approaches her from the rear.

Though the human male appears to have intimidated the female long ago, nature’s ideal lingered on in the human subconscious. Interestingly, the time that human beings spent in the wood may have been the time when the mirror was invented—not of glass as today, but of reflection in a pool of water, polished obsidian stone, or buffed copper or gold. This brings up another interesting story, of how the Goddess Sun, wishing to view Her creation without burning it to a crisp (it had already seriously singed the raven, the crow, and the magpie), invented a mirror, and hung it on the face of the Moon. For this reason, some religious rituals and plays in ancient times may have been performed by the light of the full moon, when shiny objects sewn into costumes or carried by performers/actors may have given rise to a ritual known as ‘Drawing down the moon.’

If we accept the notion that the natural human sexual position is like that of our animal kin, then drawing down the moon (as a mirror) has implications for the sexual act. In effect, the drawn down moon-mirror is placed at the headboard of the bed, and both lovers see each other’s faces as the female carries the male piggyback. As one reporter of a British newspaper tells it—somewhat vulgarly—she is thrilled by the enhancement. On the other hand, if the female sits astride the male facing away from him, she may see only her own face. It may be this position then that later gave rise to the story about the mirror and the witch.

The thrill of seeing the face of one’s lover in ecstasy is nothing new. It was known in ancient times and likely illustrated by the Greeks through the figure of the Gorgon, whose face may be either a bearded male  or fair faced female. She/he was also known as the head of Medusa, who the Greek hero Perseus slew by decapitation. It is my sense that Perseus was no hero, but a Viking or proto-westerner, who had invaded the Black Sea area from the northwest of Europe, raped Medusa and then killed her.

Needless to say, it was western man who made the missionary position a sexual dogma and the Muslims became its fiercest defenders. Or am I wrong? Indeed, I have heard said that women rather look at than kiss a bearded man.

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