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EC 530
Upon Whom the Ends

of the Ages Have Come…

A fantasy for an Apocalypse
© Ludis Cuckold (2015)
 Followup Piece [4]
A long time ago the author climbed a tree in New Hampshire (US) and thought the event worth recording in a short column of a once Boston weekly known as ‘The Boston Ledger’. [No link to such a name can found at Google, whereby the paper is now gone „Poof!”] I have not yet got into a sandbox or at least have not recorded it. But there are plenty of issues that have been let slip, that should not have been. Herewith, one such...

Civil War Among Christians

The news this morning (28/4/2016) tells of a bomb blast in Pakistan’s capital city of Lahore that kills nearly 80 people, among which are many children and women. The attack, claimed by a Taliban splinter group, was aimed at Christians celebrating Easter.

Sad and reprehensible as such an attack may be, when all is said, its ultimate cause is a result of so-called Christianity’s own misguided ecclesia. The institutionalized and city bred band of fools (beginning with St. Paul and St. Augustine—see EC 524 and 525) has for more than a thousand years guided Christians away from the egalitarianism that prevailed among human beings when they lived in the wood or off the land. Full of utopian illusions about democracy in the city (entirely inspired by genes that evolved in a countryside setting), the ecclesia of most ‘religions’ in our times, notably of Jewish Zionist, Christian and Islamic fascist orientation, have reduced humankind to a kind of proto-robot conglomerate of weird creatures awaiting their Eschaton to come by Artificial Intelligence extruded from the brains of autistic mathematicians dreaming of creating quantum computers.

Contrary to the unipolar-linear history produced according to Catholic historians and such as are submissive to them, Christianity was NOT founded by one Jesus Christ. In fact, even the story about Jesus makes a more credible explanation if we imagine Christianity founded by two men: John Basil and Jesus Christ. Perhaps when Vatican Secret Archives become freely accessible, we will be able to document this. The “…total loss of all the archival material preceding Innocent III[6] before 1198 is more than noteworthy, because that was the time when John Basil was the victim of the creators of tax supporting and government-military controlled Christian ecclesia.

Most likely John Basil was a man of the wood and the countryside in what is Ukraine (45:05) today. Therefore, he was most likely of Baltic or Slavic ethnic origin. The Russians say they became christened  Christians in 988 AD, which date is erroneous, because this is, at best, the date the Eastern Orthodox Church was forced to accept Western Catholic version of Christianity.* The East’s version of Christianity either preexisted or came into being as a reaction to Catholic dogma, which was dictated to them before that date by the Rurics, who were Viking elites, looking to get a free ride on the shoulders of the people they had conquered. It is not by accident that one of the saints of the Early Middle ages was St,Christopher with an overweight child on his back.

*The reader should note that Catholic insistence that it represents original Christianity is nothing but airy insistence that is supported by nothing but an airy and gullible presumptions of Western historians.

While it may come as a shock, the Vikings are the ones who created Christianity as we know it today. Its theology was written by an ecclesia beholden to these marauders (probably just before and after, and during the era of the Carolingian Empire) to oppose the perspective on life of the Eastern People. The Easterners were for the most part dwellers of the wood, who made their living as reindeer herders, whose form of government was autocephalous and self-governing, was supported by gifts from the people, and had no institutionalized taxation.

Western Europe was created when Vikings were forced to flee from northern Europe (possibly by one of the Storrega landslides in Scandinavia) and the Black Sea regions (the original home of the herders), where the people of the wood rebelled against them.* The revolt resulted in a war that continues to this day. The current state of the war is explained by events in the ‘Ukraine’ (here). Of course, the geopolitical map has changed: the Carolingian Empire has been replaced by the Anschluss of Europe to the American Empire by means of the militarist North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), while the East is represented by Russia in alliance with many other nations of the East which have endured colonization by the West.

*Ghengis Khan (KingaJohn) and his hordes of Mongols said to have attacked Moscow and Russia are but a transposition by Catholic historians-propagandists of the rebels of Eastern proto-Christians expelling Viking elites to the West onto a fictional army. So far the ploy has worked and sowed great confusion over how the Great Schism of 1054 came about.

Another crucial event to understand is that the history of Islam as told today, too, is largely fiction. Realistically, Islam arose as a parallel movement to Eastern Christianity, and suffered (at the hands of Western Catholic Christianity) a fate similar to Eastern Bogomils, Cathars and other Christian offshoots. The Cross (originally symbol of the Sun) and the Moon still are part of one and the same symbol in the Eastern orthodox church.

Evidence for this is provided by the involvement of the papacy (Innocent III) in the Reconquista of the Spanish peninsula, which occurred in the same time period (11th-15th centuries) as the Livonian Crusade  (1207) against the proto-Latvian Kingdom of Jersika (a colloquial name for Jerusalem), the Cathars in Languedoc [Albigensian Crusade (1209–1229)], and concluded with the loss by Eastern Christians (forced to accept  Catholic theology, but not ritual) of Constantinople in 1204 (subsequently, but all too late recaptured by the Ottomans in 1453 (here and here).

The revolt of the East against the West continues with the influx in the West of Muslim warriors in the guise of refugees whom the West created, but is only belatedly coming to recognize that the East (forced to adopt asymmetrical methods of war) has returned as warrior wasps to devour the enemy from the inside its own body—as the Trojan horse once conquered Troy.

Unfortunately, Eastern Christianity represented by Patriarch of Moscow Kirill, who is as submissive to the pseudo theology of the West (as he was to the KGB), is unable to recognize the threat to Eastern Christianity and, indeed, the whole of humankind. Hopefully, it may yet recognize the events of history for what they are and broadcast the truth of what actually took place.

Meantime, there is plenty of room for a war between Christian literalists or so-called fundamentalists—who have bought Catholic Christian texts as God’s word and theology hook, line, and sinker—and those who are not prepared to sacrifice planet Earth to robots without morals.

The time of the Eschaton and end of history has arrived.

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