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18 A Sacred Marriage That Breaks No Law

When sexuality began to be hyped (paradoxically through repression) and then was used as a money substitute for poorly paid workers, it involved everyone in a culture of amorality or, if you will, the corruption of nature’s morals. A kind of surreptitious state of the jungle became the social norm. Thus, just beneath the naïve newspaper advice columns on sexual matters, there lurked the drool of pornography.

The orgasm, sometimes known as “little death”, lost its powers as a source of spiritual revelation. In short, it no longer caused one to experience a little death. The “fern blossom” of midsummer’s eve (the fern has no blossoms) became—as SPAM e-mail tells it—“a great time in bed”. The sexual act lost its connection to sacred marriage or hieros gamos.

Still, hieros gamos is not lost to the unconscious and sometimes shocks someone’s repressed consciousness with a dream that terrifies one’s awake or conscious morals. Here is how the morals of nature once reminded themselves to this author.

It is night. I am walking the streets of a large city. The streets are dimly lit. I have no idea where I am going, but I soon find myself at a street corner and a door leading to a bar. I enter.

The barroom is crowded with men. In front of me is a large crowd of men standing with a mug of beer in their hand. As if having waited for my arrival, the bartender announces that there will be a strip tease, followed by “sex”. Even as he speaks a woman in a black cocktail dress climbs on top of the bar. The men around me fall silent.

I discover that on the counter of the bar stands also a man. The woman goes up to him, pulls down the right side of her dress, and exposes her breast. The man says but one word: “Mother!”

The woman then pulls up her dress, and (surprise of surprises!) she presents herself to the audience with an erect cock. The cock grows from her crotch and presents upward in an unmistakable demand of a caress.

The dream apparently does not wish me to see what comes next, because the audience partially blocks my view. Nevertheless, the attentiveness of the men transmits to me the notion that the man is “sucking her”. After a moment, the woman screams and the act is over. The audience remains silent, but everyone appears to be satisfied in their expectations. The barroom resumes normal activity.

I remain standing near the entrance to the bar. Then I see the woman in the crowd. She is coming toward me. She has a warm smile of recognition for me. She has blonde hair with an orange tint to it. I do not know her, but she comes up to me, and we embrace with great affection. End of dream. I awaken.

What was the dream about? Was the woman a man dressed up as a woman? Or was the woman born with a man’s genitals? Did the sight of her breast, an object made for sucking, translate into an act of fellatio, moreover, by the son of his mother become his lover and father?

The dream clearly features a hermaphrodite, but with an emphasis on the feminine. The male of the hermaphrodite projects as the “son”. Like it or not, this means that the man owes his sex and sexuality to his mother. Thus, the man’s desire is to have sex with his mother even if she comes to him with a male’s genitals.

How does one unravel such a dream and make sense of it? Then I came to read a book, which mentioned the 614th and 615th episode of the Arab “One Thousand and One Nights”. The story reminded me of the terror of breaking the “law” that I experienced after dreaming the dream. It set me free of my guilt. Here I combine the episode with the experiences of Iananna and Ian or John, her son (see Blog 12):

When John had gone through the seven doors, he came before a woman whom he did not recognize. John asked, “Who are you?” “Oh, dear son, I am your mother,” said the woman. John, separated from his mother since childhood, ignored what the woman said and told her: “Take off your clothes.”

The woman refuses to do so, but because John continues to insist, she eventually relents and little by little removes her clothes until she is but her panties.

John insists: “Take off your panties as well.”

The mother protests and tells John that to do so is against the law. At this point John recognizes the woman to be his mother. “Indeed, mother, you are right. Leave your panties on.”

However, no sooner has John spoken that his mother screams: “You have gone back on your demands that so humiliated me! Guards, seize him and give him a whipping.”

John gets a whipping and is let go, but not before his mother tells him that she expects him to come back and see her the next day.

The next day, when John enters his mother’s chamber, she greets him: “Oh, welcome, my son”. To which John replies, “Would a mother so whip her son as you had me whipped yesterday?” He then demands that his mother again take off her clothing.

The mother obliges. When she has removed everything, but her panties, John does not hesitate to order her to take them off too. “Strip for me, completely,” he tells his mother. She does.

John gets an erection. His mother takes his cock in her hands and pulls herself close to him.

This is how John gets to enter through the eighth gate. Once he enters through the gate, he finds a land of rubies and gold without end.

John still has not come back. No doubt, John got all the sex he desired. To put it crudely, he fucks himself to death. The story makes clear that John broke no sacred laws, but a temporal one.

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